Must Reads Roundup

Haven’t cleared the tabbar in a while – here are some things you should try not to miss:

dotcommonweal: Beautiful Bodies; Rotted Hearts, a remarkable piece of writing, and a look at the underbelly of free market capitalism that makes so many of the churches uneasy, even as they oppose the alternatives. Don’t miss it.

OSV: Their Catholic Internet Readers Guide. Yours truly gives a few of her own suggestions, although no one surveyed mentioned this blog! Whaa.

Speaking of Surveys: First Things is going to put out its first-ever own college rankings and guide, and it needs input from students at Catholic colleges. If you know kids attending Catholic colleges, please send it their way! They might win an iPad!

Theology of the Body, 101: It’s not a long read, but it’s informative.

Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Worship are not the same things.

Ban the Burqu?: Not so fast. Freedom of religion is freedom of religion. Orthodox Jewish women, some Protestant women and many Catholic and Orthdox women and nuns have a stake in this debate on covering.

Eyeopening: and depressing

2017: Dissolution?

Ray Bradbury: On Grace, Monsters and Angels

Prayer: Part I

Catch-22 and trickle down

The Scourge of Trenton: Chris Christie, aka, the grown-up.

See how you’re sitting: you’re a hater, or something!

Cubachi: Broken Window Fallacy

What? Wait, what?

BlogHer: Hey, look at this site! Look who is there!

White Gloves? Something cute and cool

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