Do you remember "Password?"

Joan Crawford on Password. “The password is ‘fun’!”

During my elementary-school years, rainy afternoons had their own comfortable routine: if one had to stay indoors, well, at least there were a few game shows and a 4 o’ clock movie to distract from homework and chores.

My favorite gameshow was Password; celebrities would partner with contestants to guess a “password” by means of the fewest clues. When I was very young, I enjoyed the mysterious out-of-nowhere voice that would stage-whisper to the television audience, “the password is ….” followed by a musical “ping!”

And I guess that explains why, as it loads up over at Patheos, in my head I hear that same sotto-voce tone in my head…“the Word of the Day is…”


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  • Mooga

    “Sanctuary lamp,” huh? Nope. Don’t think Joan Crawford could have guessed that one, not even with Bette Davis’ help.

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  • cathyf

    $25,000 Pyramid. William Shatner playing as his own partner. linky.

    I saw it when it was new — the canonical example of ROFL!

  • Manny

    Oh I loved Password. They don’t make game shows like that any more. Thanks for the memory. :)

  • Joseph

    Boy, this brings back memories. I remember Password going back to the 60s. I was a gameshow freak in the 70s.

  • Bender’s Cheerleader

    I remember the name but not the show! We were Jeopardy fans.

  • jane

    That took me back to those rainy days, curled up in front of the TV or reading “Gone With the Wind”!

    I LOVED Jack Benny’s suggestion for “Ruby”: Russia!!

    Next week: Eve Arden and Chuck Connors, real celebrities, not the synthetic, “virtual” kind we see so much of today.

    Our Miss Brooks … smile.

  • Pat Patterson

    Too adult for me so instead I watched Howdy Doody, Beany and Cecil, Space Patrol, Captain Midnight and the precursor to Rocky and Bullwinkle, Crusader Rabbit.

  • tigger23505


    Solving the matches was only half the battle – you could mismatch all through the game and still win by solving the rebus as it was exposed.

    The only classic game show from back then that has had any staying power is Jeopardy which somehow made the jump to prime time.

  • Elaine S.

    My big favorites as a kid were the 70s versions of Match Game and Hollywood Squares. They have gone through several revivals since then but I don’t think they have ever improved on the 60s-70s theme songs (which I would dearly love to have as cell phone ringtones).