Hating All Our Bright Tomorrows – UPDATED

State Opera House, Vienna

My latest weekly column is up on the homepage. Today, we discuss the self-loathing which is killing Europe and slowly taking hold in America, as well:

“Vienna is dying,” I wrote in my journal. “While traipsing its avenues and hopping on and off of buses, we see a materialistic society bearing more dogs on leashes than children in strollers. The concierge is from Turkey. The hotel staff is mostly Asian, and the taxi driver appears to have migrated from Planet Neptune. For each characteristic coffee house there is a kebab stand. Where is Vienna’s tomorrow?”

Where is ours?

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Bill Whittle touches on the question of self-loathing in this PJTV Video

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  • Mooga

    You’re reading Vienna its Last Rites just because it’s becoming less Aryan? Oh, Liz, how could you?

    [Um...no, try reading the piece instead of jumping to the most cynical (and therefore easiest) conclusion. And please do not call me Liz. It's Elizabeth, or Lizzie when I make fun of myself. Thanks. -admin]

  • Mooga

    I stand behind my reading, gnädige Frau. What’s the first evidence you offer that Vienna’s going the way of doo-wop? Graffiti? Homeless people? Surly waitresses? Poor selection at Barnes & Noble? No, you cite the city’s damnable surfeit of darkies.

    You go on to quote Vivar to the effect that Hitler killed all the people who mattered, the peoplw who “produced great and wonderful people who changed the world.” Although he refers to this unhappy group as the “chosen people,” lowercase, he seems to have in mind not only the Jews, but educated, optimistic creative Europeans in general.

    You endorse the idea, then jump to Europe’s birthrate. “Cultures and peoples unable or unwilling to sustain a replacement rate of 2.1 per female are cultures and peoples that will die out.”

    Cultures and peoples. There we have the smoking Gewehr. Without solidly European DNA strains, European culture is doomed. No one from outside Europe — or whose ancestors came from outside it — could possibly pick up the torch and create anything worthwhile of his own.

    Wagner was fond of the race-equals-culture equation; he used it against the Jews. To his way of thinking, Jews didn’t have the authentic German Geist, therefore they could make no real contribution to German music, no matter how well their little fingers might pluck those strings. All they could do is Jew it up.

    [Funnily enough, I never thought of the Turks or the Asians as "darkies" - that is your own fixation that you are projecting on to me; if I remember correctly, the Turk was a handsome fellow with a beautiful smile. I have no doubt you'll read it as you want to. But I wasn't dissing "diversity" so much as noticing that Vienna has gone beyond mere diversity into a startling lack of natural-born Viennese. Those who want to ascribe something nefarious to that observation will do so, so I see no point in arguing back. If that's all you can see me saying, then that's all you see me saying. But I think you're smarter than that. DO I endorse the Auschwitz/Europe idea or simply say the writer has made a point? I was trying to put rather a huge idea into 1000 words. If I failed, I failed. -admin]

  • Mary

    Hmm. Why does this make me think of a line from Plutarch?

    Caesar once, seeing some wealthy strangers at Rome, carrying up and down with them in their arms and bosoms young puppy-dogs and monkeys, embracing and making much of them, took occasion not unnaturally to ask whether the women in their country were not used to bear children; by that prince-like reprimand gravely reflecting upon persons who spend and lavish upon brute beasts that affection and kindness which nature has implanted in us to be bestowed on those of our own kind.

  • Mooga

    Glad to know the Turk was such a looker. But, funnily enough, his winsome smile doesn’t seem to have made you any happier to find him there.

    Here you speak in very concrete, reasonable terms about a “lack of native-born Viennese.” In your essay, you predict the death of the city. Death — now there’s a powerful metaphor, especially coming from you, who (I’ve learned from your blogs) can boast an extensive, painful intimacy with the actual event. Speaking as a former fellow New Yorker, I have a hard time seeing a demographic shift — which, for all I know, may represent an overall population increase — as any kind of death. To accept that equation, I suppose, you’d have to define “life” in very narrow, exclusionary terms.

    But, if you’re done arguing, I am, too. Nemmind.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Mooga, methinks you’re playing the race card—and playing it pretty clumsily, at that.

    Certainly, you don’t seem to have read Elizabeth’s article with any real understanding.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    What makes it even stranger, mooga, is that you’re playing the racist—and the Nazi card, against an article that writes intelligently and compassionately about Vienna’s vibrant Jewish popultion, it’s sad Nazi past and its guilt over the latter. Where’s the racism in this?

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Probably because it’s extremely apt for this situation, Mary!

    Or, as Christian fantasy writer J.R.R. Tolkien once said, “Too many are childless.”

  • Robb76

    Not just Vienna. I am US Army retired. Had a tour in Germany in the early 70s. Seeing all the
    Turks and others taking German jobs. Remember telling my German friend that auslanders would be the the death of your country. Seems that that is coming to pass. Not a racial comment, rather a cultural one.

  • John

    What are “natural-born Viennese,” and what are “peoples” vs. “cultures”? Is the drift here that immigrants aren’t really Viennese, even though they live and work there? What exactly is unnatural about a person who lives in a city other than the one into which he or she was born?

    I can’t quite follow the distinctions you’re making.

  • Jeff

    I see nothing “racist” about this entry at all. It’s a a well known fact that Europe is gradually becoming Eurabia due to Europe’s pathetic birth rate. This is not to say that Arab’s civilizations have never produced anything worthwhile, but it is to lament the potential end of European civilization, which has given the world its gothic cathedrals, among other priceless heirlooms.

  • Jeff

    It’s also interesting that the remaining masses in the West seem to have no interest at all in migrating to arabic lands; it’s all one-way.

  • Andrew B

    One thing struck me most in my (limited) European travels. While the natives seemed to almost universally agree that unassimilated foreigners were a serious problem, not a one had any idea of what to do about it. There was a sort of sad, languid surrender about their coming cultural decline.

    This is not about skin tone or race. It is about identity, culture and history. I am sure Mooga would dispute it, but a people with no emotional, cultural or historical connection to a place seem to be unlikely to carry on the host’s patrimony. Is there a thriving Byzantine culture in Istanbul? Did the Spanish proudly carry on the traditions of al-Andalus after 1492? Can you find a nice Algonkian neighborhood in Manhattan?

    Why should we assume that Vienna–or Europe as a whole–will be different?

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  • Sal

    I’ve tried and failed to find a way to ask this that doesn’t sound snarky, so:
    If you can see that this is a problem in Europe and agree with Whittle enough to link to him, why do you not accept what your readers, who actually live with the situation on a daily basis, tell you about the dangers of illegal immigration in America?
    I sense a real, and puzzling, disconnect here.

  • SKAY

    Thank you for the Bill Whittle video. Thomas Sowell also points out more “tolerance” by this administration. I wonder what “jobs” these illegals have in mind that “ordinary Americans” won’t do.

    “Sometimes small things can give you a better clue than large things. A recent editorial in Investor’s Business Daily pointed out that hundreds of captured illegal aliens from terrorist-sponsoring nations were released on their own recognizance within the United States. Are these the actions of an administration that is serious about the national security of the American people?

    Examiner Columnist Thomas Sowell is a senior fellow at the Hover Institution and is nationally syndicated by Creators Syndicate.”

    Read more at the Washington Examiner: link

  • TXRed

    One question perhaps to be asked is:how do you convince people that their culture is worth preserving and carrying forward if they have been told for three generations that it is not? I’m not limiting my inquiry to Vienna, or even to Austria, but to the West in general, and to an extent to the Eastern Orthodox lands. I suspect that a revival of faith in Christianity would do much to begin healing what ails Europe. A revival of faith and knowledge of the good that Western culture has done for the US and the world would benefit the US, Europe and our allies. For Russia, I do not know enough about the Russian Orthodox Church and the larger Russian situation to be able to address their problems.

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