Obama & the Fishermen UPDATED

Obama & the Fishermen UPDATED August 25, 2010

Via Instapundit, Ed Morrissey explains why the fishermen are mad at Obama:

The White House and Lubchenco want an end to private commercial fishing and have taken steps to eliminate “freelancing,” for lack of a better term. Instead, they want to close the fisheries into “commodities markets” where the government essentially licenses fishermen and then allocates the catch based on a predetermined distribution plan. The “commodities markets” will kill many fishing-based jobs and essentially turn fishermen into government employees, and they’re not happy about it.

It just sounds so…


So Soviet, doesn’t it?

It just doesn’t sound like America, at all. No liberty. No freedom of choice. You can choose to work for the government, as they permit, or not work at all.

And there is a weird lack of joy to it all, don’t you think? No fishing because you love it; because it’s in your family, and your blood and your culture and there’s nothing you’d rather do than captain your own boat and work for yourself.

None of that.

No joy, no independence; just the state.

Obama is a cold guy, and he’s putting a chilling government into place.

Bleak, hopeless change. Cold, too.

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