All Hands on Deck!

Let me take a second to introduce everyone to a group of terrific, talented ladies who have agreed to help keep this place from falling into a mausoleum while I’m off gallivanting!

Meet Danielle Bean, Simcha Fisher and Sally Thomas

Danielle Bean is a little force of nature who writes everywhere – at Inside Catholic, at the National Catholic Register, at Faith and Family Live!; in her spare time, she writes books!. Anytime I think I’m working hard, I look at her output, remember she has 8 children and feel extremely humbled and then I think, “I have to sit down…”.

Which is precisely what Simcha Fisher has to say about many things, at her blog entitled, um…I Have to Sit Down; Like Danielle, Simcha also writes all over the place, but I first found her blend of reality tinged with sharp humor over at Inside Catholic’s group blog, and I realized that anytime I read her, I came away smiling, or waking up the dog with my laughter.

Sally Thomas is a contributing writer to First Things, and a poet (now, don’t get all Bertie Wooster on me, and run off), and homeschooling mother who also blogs at Castle in the Sea. She only has five children, though, so she’s practically a lady of leisure; she may be too busy eating bonbons to give us her attention!

I know that Anchoress readers–the best readers on the internet–are going to enjoy spending time with these ladies; they are all realists, because you can’t have large families and not be rooted in reality; they are both tough and tender–because you can’t have all those kids an not manage a touch of both, or things get ugly–and they write with energy, intelligence, insight, humor and warmth. As they pitch in around here (I’ll try to do my poor best from Rome) I suspect you’re not even going to miss me!

Enjoy the adventure, guys! And thank you so much for helping me out; I am incredibly grateful to know the blog is in such great hands! Let us pray!

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  • Hantchu

    Good luck, ladies! I actually do recognize your names, which, given that I occasionally confuse the names of my own children, is no small matter.
    I am always happy to see mothers of families “blessed with children”, as we put it here in Israel, showing their talent and multitasking skills in other realms.
    In that spirit, and as a mother similarly blessed, I pose the question, “WHEN is the Anchoress coming BACK? How much LON-GER?”.

    But seriously…

  • shana

    I am sure the three of you ladies will be blessings to us while our Anchoress is gone.

    However, I’m sure this will keep reverberating around my head, ’cause there Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone…. SUNSHINE

  • Manny

    Welcome to what apears to be three talented ladies. I look forward to your blogs.

    I also had the absurd notion of you Anchoress logging on while in Rome and commenting and disagreeing to your own blog. LOL! I get such silly thoughts. :)

  • Mutnodjmet

    A big welcome to your three guest writers. I will look forward to reading them in you absence.

    I will miss you, Anchoress. But, I am also excited for you. Have a safe and blessed trip, and I can’t wait for your reports upon your return.

    When you tour the Vatican museum, please think of me when you see their amazing ancient Egyptian collection! :)

    Prayers and hugs!!!!

  • Sally Thomas

    Thank you for the kind introduction, Anchoress. Let me point out, though, that in actual fact I have only four children — I think you might have counted my dog, too. For which I don’t blame you, because I sort of would, too, but truth ought to out, I always think.

    Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I really need to go on letting this toenail polish dry, and maybe have another truffle.

    Looking forward to blogging in such terrific company. It’s an honor.

  • Izy

    Yay, Sally! And I’ll check out the other two ladies as well. It’s going to be a great ride. Have a wonderful trip to Rome, Anchoress!

  • polifrog

    I’m not the only one to get the count wrong, although I may have been off by a little more.

    I look forward to your filling in.