Thank you, a little slow at the gate!

Deplorable-looking woman, who has grown her mother’s nose and who sweated off her make-up, reviving with Guinness in Rome

Sorry it’s so quiet. I awoke this morning with a really bad cold/sore throat thing going on and after doing the marketing realized I must be a little more jet-lagged than I thought. Who knew jet-lag was day-skipping? I certainly had more pep yesterday.

I need to write a gracious “thank you” to my guest-bloggers, and ask you to give them a boorah round of applause. There were some days in Rome where I just didn’t have time to check the site, but I never worried because I knew I had left it in three incredibly capable and generous hands. As soon as I saw Danielle passing out gum, and Dolly Parton video, I knew all was well!

Actually, I did worry about one thing: that you’d like our guest bloggers so well that you wouldn’t miss me at all!

I hope that–having had two weeks to make the acquaintance of the the inspiring Danielle Bean, the shrewdly funny Simcha Fisher and the warm, thoughtful Sally Thomas, you’ve developed an appetite for their writing that keeps you checking on them at their sites, and I’ll surely be linking to them–again and again–from here.’

Did they completely blast to shreds the oddball stereotypes we’ve seen of Catholic Moms and Homeschoolers? Good! That was the devious plan, from the start. As The Count used to say on Sesame Street: Ah-ha-ah!

The gals might be shooting a few more posts this way during the week, closing loops and tidying loose ends, so it’s not yet “aloha,” but please join me in thanking them! Boorah! Or, as we say in Rome, grazie, mi amici, grazie!!

Trevi Fountain; yes, I wanted to dive into that crystal-blue water! Look at the color of the sky in Rome–it is different from the New York sky–it is jewel-toned and unforgettable.

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  • Courtney F.

    “Deplorable-looking woman,” my eye! You look like the consummate cosmopolitan traveler, Anchoress. Anyone can tell that you had a marvelous trip, and we couldn’t be happier for you!

  • Stephanie

    I don’t think that picture shows a deplorable woman- rather a happy, contented one! I’m glad you enjoyed your travels, and have made it back safely.
    Would you be insulted if I said that the picture makes you look like the Divine Miss M (Bette Midler)?

  • Tony

    Your guest bloggers were wonderful but it’s great to have you back on the beat as well. There’s room for everybody in this happy little online Catholic world.

  • Danielle Bean

    Welcome back! You look absolutely lovely! I just want to thank you for the opportunity to blog here and for sharing your awesome readers with the three of us crazy Catholic moms. God bless you all!

  • shana

    You look tired and content, and relaxed. That’s certainly not deplorable, regardless of the generous gift of your mother’s nose.

    I can trace the ancestory of my nose all the way back to my Italian great-grandfather. There are pictures of me that make me say, “Garsh, I look like Pinocchio”

    Ah, well, the Little Pine Nut was Italian, too, I guess.

  • Simcha Fisher

    Every picture of you I see, I wish a little more that I knew you in person. (Boy, that was a clunky way of saying it.) Mille grazie a te! It was SO much fun, but I’m glad you’re here – we definitely need you at home.

  • F

    Your 3 subs were fab but there is nothing like our own Anchoress.

    My first time in Sta. Maria Maggiore, I felt the most awesome presence around the wood of the creche and I cried openly. I was just flooded with peace and a sense of how loved I was. I’ve always loved Christmas the most but this put it over the top for me. That church is staggering to behold. I think of it from way out here on the west coast esp on Aug 5, the Feast of Our Lady of Snows.

    I thought of you every day in Roma and wondered what you were seeing and falling in love with that day. Its a tough city but also so enchanting. I’m glad you are back but wish you had more time there.

    Can’t wait to hear your take on the conference/workshop. Did they haul you on the magesterial carpet for your comment about how lame their press office was and how you wanted to slap them around? I still laugh thinking about that.

  • Victor

    “IT” is not at all the picture that I in visioned of you in my mind although I must say that your beautiful smile and your warm friendly eyes and then I imagined your teeth clinging tightly while some of my brain cells said to me, careful sinner vic I think that she’s on to you! :)

    Welcome back!

  • Jennifer

    I missed you greatly, and you are hardly deplorable-looking. Rather, if I’d walked by you I would have wanted to sit down and gab.
    Welcome home. I’m glad you’re back.

  • Pat Gohn

    I don’t know what I might covet more: having a Guinness in Roma, or the iPad on your table. Yeah, def the Guinness, no, wait… no, really the Guinness! And the pleasure of your company! Welcome back!

    (Let’s hoist a few in honor of the blogger subs too!)

  • Leelee

    You would look lovely even without the Guinness… love what you’ve written! I was in Roma once many years ago before I became Catholic; I long to go there again and what a different trip it will be.

  • Ellen

    Oh Anchoress, you look just fine. Being a non-drinker, I don’t “get” the appeal of Guinness but I sure would like to have an ipad. And go to Rome. Color me envious.

  • Grateful

    My first thought was …She looks so cute…why can I not look that cute…(and she is traveling)…you look darling!

  • anniebird

    I see goodness shining out of that deplorable face.

    Add me to the list of Guiness lovers – as I learned on my honeymoon in Ireland, Guiness is Food!

  • jill e

    I think you look cute! I vote for this photo to replace your more formal pose on the blog.

  • Christine

    I only just found your blog a few weeks ago; your subs were good writers, but it was far far far far too much mommy and wifey talk for me. I prefer the theological issues you raise.

  • Army Mom

    I don’t think you are deplorable….you are just you. You are only deplorable in your own eyes because you have a minds eye view of yourself that is no longer. I am the same way. I was very fit and thin. Then about 4 years ago, my thyroid started acting up and I decided to pursue my career with a vengance meaning that I would have to sit at a desk a lot. I have gained about 50lbs and cannot lose it now. I am devistated by what I see in the mirror. But, in thinking about it, I decided that if I am always hating myself then I will never “look” better. I really hate that I hate myself so much. It is not healthy and that view is not shared by the people that matter most to you. I bet your husband likes you the way you are. If you are mostly healthy, then you are fine.

    I decided that I had to change….I started doing small workouts because working out for an hour or more simply does not fit in with my work. If I have a few minutes while sitting at my desk, I will get up and do a few leg lifts or will do pushups against my desk. I don’t take the elevator anymore…it’s just 4 flights but I am out of breath when I get there. Today, my husband said “I can see hollows in your cheeks. Are you losing weight?” I have no idea but I am so excited!!! I hope to do a 5 – 10 minute ride on the bike tomorrow morning. My dr. said that I should just try to do a 10 minute walk before each meal…it works.

    Short workouts when you have done nothing at all is working for me. I eventually want to go back to running long distance. It will take me a long time but I don’t feel like I can’t do it because I only do what I can. I feel better about myself and wish that you would too.

    If you are up to it….try it. Just a little something. Every day. 5 minutes while your coffee is brewing. You can do it.

    I am glad that you had a wonderful time in Rome. I would love to visit there myself.