Speaking of "Ameridolatry"…

It’s a discussion I think is really valuable, for all Christians. If we forget that we actually are living in exile, and where our true home is, we really will be lost!

I link to a whole bunch of discussion on the issue, here

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  • http://burketokirk.blogspot.com Tertium Quid

    Russell Kirk associated almost any “ism” with ideology, which he didn’t define as a political worldview with which he disagreed (as common today) but as an inverted religion in which the attainment of temporal power is necessary to facilitate a millennial purpose. Idolatry is the corruption of almost anything good.

  • kt

    Discussion is impossible if one refuses to define the term.

  • Lisa

    Comment by Jon Stewart in reference to Obama:
    “I think people feel a disappointment in that there was a sense that Jesus will walk on water and no you are looking at it like, ‘Oh look at that, he’s just treading water’

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  • dry valleys

    Obama shouldn’t be compared to the messiah or the imaginary perfect lawgiver, he should be compared to Republicans. A comparison he does rather well out of if you ask me.

  • Susan T.W.

    I didn’t go to the link, but will comment on just your headline and comment about living in exile. That is so true. However, Scriptures exhort us to better the area, the city, the country, where we live. Some of us should “sit in the gates,” which references being part of the government/judicial process, and be a force for good, thereby modeling the mind and life of Christ before we leave this earth behind. We know where we are going, but for now, we work in the field of America, or Europe, wherever we happen to be. I love our country so much, but am never confused about what is temporal and what is eternal. Welcome back, dear Anchoress!