What Do You Really Believe?

It’s a great question to stop people of faith in their tracks and get them pondering, “well, what DO I believe.”

I remember once watching an old Mother Angelica Live broadcast and hearing her say (paraphrase), “do you really believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, born of a woman…” and thinking, “that’s a good question to ask; it zeros in on the whole mystery of the Incarnation which is foundational to the rest.”

Over at Patheos, they’re beginning a new multi-week series that asks the question of all the faiths participating in the site: What Do I Really Believe? The question is meant to be more than an intellectual exploration of specific dogma, though; it is a personal question, meant to be answered personally, rather than with chapter/verse quotes from the Catechism or the Torah or the Koran or the New Testament, or the Bhagavad Gita. An interesting idea.

Each week, the What Do I Really Believe Series will feature a different question. This week: What Really Happens When We Die?

Check it out. Unfortunately, my getting-up-to-speed after Rome precluded a Catholic participation, but next week, you’ll see a Catholic or two answering the new question!

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