A Weekend of Attention

A sort of happy synchronicity regarding this book. Julie Davis from Happy Catholic (who reviews books like no one else lent her recent review of Disorientations to Patheos (she liked it! Hey, Mikey!)

Then Dr. Helen mentioned it.

Then Instapundit blurbed it. Yay!

That’s a lot of attention for a book of this sort, and it careened the sales numbers at Amazon from around the #26,000 spot to the #1,000-2,000 range.

Hey, Christmas is coming! Stocking stuffer!

Speaking of books, Julie has posted another review for a book she is loving (even though she is listening to it, Alden Bell’s The Reapers are the Angels.

I actually asked to review this book because I’d seen it described as a “twist on the southern gothic: like Flannery O’Connor with zombies.” As someone who has just begun to appreciate Flannery O’Connor’s writing this hit me like a challenge. However, as I listened to the first chapter, I was struck by the unexpected beauty of the writing and themes that many people wouldn’t attempt, especially in a zombie book. This unexpected beginning was merely the first of the many surprises that Alden Bell had for me in The Reapers are the Angels.

Sounds like an interesting read, indeed.

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