Great Unwashed Hillbillies…

These great unwashed hillbillies, they’re pretty slick with teh sarcasm…

President Obama explained us to us as follows:

And so part of the reason that our politics seems so tough right now, and facts and science and argument does [sic] not seem to be winning the day all the time, is because we’re hard-wired not to always think clearly when we’re scared. And the country is scared, and they [sic] have good reason to be.

(Just my unwashed observation: We have a president who knows what our brains are hardwired to do and can describe the emotional state of an entire country, but he can’t get subject and verb to agree and pronoun and antecedent to agree in just two sentences not read from a teleprompter. Good thing he didn’t say “refudiate.”)

I’ve meant for a while, to talk about how poorly Obama speaks, but something always distracts me; this writer, Randall Hoven, gets a few more linguistic licks in further down the line, but you’ll want to read the whole thing, for other reasons.

But you might be a little depressed when you’re done.


As an aside, if Barney Frank could not be defeated this year, I guess we’ll never be rid of this fool. At least he’s not a hillbilly, though, right?

Reason: who’s stupid?.

Obama just doesn’t understand what we’re doing!

As if you needed it: something else to feel bad about

Why So Gloomy, Republican Victors? this is why

Also, Is “Faith” becoming a dirty word?

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  • Simon

    Re Barney Frank, perhaps when MA loses a Congressional seat next year they could eliminate his district? Hope springs eternal.

  • Deacon John M. Bresnahan

    Being a lifelong Bay stater, I hate to say this, but the best thing that could happen to America is for Mass. to lose ever more seats in the Congress.
    Look at our sick track record in our liberal Dem fanaticism.
    We kept returning a senator to Washington who a strong case can be made that he murdered a young woman (he at least left her for dead while he tried to figure out the best course to follow politically while she slowly drowned).
    Our House delegation has included–or still includes–one who had prostitution rings operated out of his home (he didn’t know about it, supposedly); another plied with alchohol and bedded a young page, was almost unanimously
    condemned officially in the House, but refused to apologize for his admitted crime –and noone would step forward to prosecute; another had family members –including his own wife–found guilty of money-laundering (said Congressman claimed he “knew nothing, knew nothing” about the 8 million dollars passing through his family’s accounts.)
    All 4 were liberal dems. All 4 were strongly defended by their party and by all groups liberal in Ma. And all 4 won re-election big time.
    It makes one wonder who is more corrupt in Ma. –the politicians or the voters.

  • Lynn

    The other day, when the President met with the press after the election, he said “more healthier”. He also looked extremely uncomfortable.

  • S. Weasel

    I’m not convinced Barney DID win. I lived in Rhode Island for thirty years, which has a very similar entrenched political machine, and I believe corruption at the polling places is massive at times.

    Which leaves me unable to explain Scott Brown, though.

  • Paul in BarneyFrankistan

    Nice, if depressing, summary from Deacon John, but he missed the one that had all of us at the Sean Bielat campaign party stunned:

    the voters of Massachusetts installed an admitted tax cheat, with a record of financial malfeasance, to the post of State Auditor. The new auditor, when caught claiming a residential property tax benefit for two homes at opposite ends of the state, brazenly claimed that one was her “principal” and the other was her “primary” residence.

    Her Republican opponent: an experienced CPA, endorsed by virtually every newspaper in the state (including the Boston Globe).

    I’m not giving up, largely because I refuse to let Barney and the machine claim total victory.

    Sean has a great deal of political talent and ran a great campaign. I hope to volunteer on his next one too.

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  • Bender

    Why so gloomy? I wouldn’t say gloomy, but still mightily annoyed and determined. This is not the time for gloating, the fight is not over, especially the fight against the likes of Truce Daniels, who like all good establishment party hacks is blaming the Tea Party for not winning enough. Yes, apparently the Republicans would have won more if only they had called a truce with Dems, if only they had run more squishy moderates (even those that did run were squashed).

    People are not gloomy, they are simply still pissed off because people like Daniels want to piss away the victory while pissing all over the people who brought the party its victory.

    (Go to The Hill for the story, which I would link if it would not cause this to go into spam.)

  • jeff

    What is so obvious about radical left wing libs like frank and obama is that they are convinced that they are smarter than everyone else. Hence their nonstop expansion of government into the lives of all of us. Conservatives don’t think that way even when they are smarter than average. I sure would like to know obama’s grades.

  • Dad of Six

    I wonder if the ‘bamster will get it in two years?

  • Barbara

    Of all the stories it was Kristen Tippett’s that depressed me the most. Write and complain – oh, wait, a waste of time because how likely is it tha people of faith listened anyway?
    Hospitality in stead of faith in the transcendent, a Creator? Descartes was provocative; Trippett is incoherent rubbish

  • Bender

    I wonder if the ‘bamster will get it in two years?

    If he hasn’t gotten it by now, one has to wonder if he is even capable of getting it or if he even really cares? Has Fidel gotten it after 60 years? Is Hugo Chavez getting it?

  • Sue Wiggins

    Regarding how poorly President Obama speaks, why can’t he use the articles “a” and “an” correctly? I can’t count the times I have heard him say something like “a unusually…,” “a extraordinary…,” etc. I guess he missed the basic rule!

  • tomg51

    Obama thinks he’s handing out Shmoos

  • Assistant Village Idiot

    (Whenever one discusses grammar or punctuation, one invariably makes a mistake in that post. It is for our humility.)

    The nonagreement in Obama’s speech tells us something about his thought. I fully grant that when verb and subject abut, he gets it right. It is the separation between them, filled with clauses and modifiers, that trips him up. This is much more common in speech than in writing – for all of us – because we can check back visually for written word, but have to hold in our head exactly what we said when it is verbal. We note this with some embarrassment when we first use dictating equipment. We are less precise in our speech than we imagined.

    However, most people of average intelligence adjust quickly, expending the necessary mental effort required to hold exactly what we have said in short-term memory. Most public speakers, in fact, can string long complicated sentences together and still come out with subject-verb agreement or proper antecedents at the end. There is a skill of self-observation and self-hearing that is partly innate but must be developed.

    Here comes the key part of this: there are certainly highly intelligent people who do not have this skill of self-observation and self-hearing. We all have friends who know a great deal but continually make statements in which it is ambiguous what “it” or “they” is being referred to. But such people invariably have much better cued memory than independent memory. (You can look up anterior cingulate gyrus and cued recall if you want to get deeper into this.) Their memories are more malleable; their understanding of what others say is vaguer and more prone to interference from previous knowledge.

    In short form, Obama gets a bit lost in his sentences. He is focusing more on effect than precision, and it shows. He is the president of effect rather than precision. He gives the impression of being intelligent, but hard evidence of that is missing. He is vague and discontinuous in his thought, even when vocabulary and phrasing are clever.

    Like a stoner, actually.

  • Philomena

    Assistant Village Idiot, your explanation is eloquent, and your concluding statement profound.

  • DeLynn

    Assistant Village Idiot–thanks for posting. Loved reading your thoughts!

    Anchoress–thanks for your post! I have never understood the point of view that BHO is a great orator. I can’t stand to listen to him–and it isn’t just because I can’t trust a thing he says!

  • Elaine S.

    “I wonder if the ‘bamster will get it in two years?”

    Don’t count on it. Truman, Reagan, and Clinton all saw their parties suffer major losses in their first mid-term elections (1946, ’82, and ’94, respectively), but all of them survived to win reelection.

    The GOP got trounced pretty roundly in ’74 after Watergate, and Ford did end up losing in ’76, but not by a huge margin (I was 12 years old at the time, and I remember trying to stay up until the networks called the winner, and it was well past midnight before that happened.)

    I don’t recall how well (or poorly) the GOP did in ’78, which was Carter’s first and only mid-term election. It wasn’t a benchmark election that presaged certain defeat for him, as far as I know.

  • Beatrix

    He split an infinitive, too. Only Captain Kirk is allowed.

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    “good establishment party hacks”

    This is more ugly sophistry, from the FASHION.

    So Boehner, a fine Conservative American who ran to aide his Country over 20 years ago, was a major part of Gingrich’s ‘Contract with America’, is a Party Establishment Hack?


    This is juvenile nonsense.

    Who could be gloomy about the reality Nancy Pelosi is no longer Speaker?

    A vast improvement.

    Of course, ‘concern’ is truly different. And we see the denial of the FASHIONABLE from Our Own side, who foolishly play populism with Americans who are Republicans. We see them unable to be ‘conservative’ about the weak offering from various TEA PARTY EXPESS Candidates (which is far different from the Tea Party Protests I participated in). We see denial from many sources, including the mighty One behind the Golden Mic.

    Such is life, we are only concerned some will foolishly enable the opposite, like giving away Seats in Delaware to the Democratic Party. Not gloomy.

    We also grow concerned, not surprised, that the Democrats are still lost in their own denial. But this is to be expected, and one reason why they most be removed from all serious influence.

    But to know the American Public, to know how good many are in this World, one can be an optimist. We even understand things happen for reasons in life.

    Long ago, I knew McCain was going to lose big. So today is actually looking up. Boehner and the Republicans really sound quite ready for this enormous challenge. Also, many Americans are wisely seeing the disastrous offering of the Democratic Partisans in a better light. The Majority of the American Public even understandably would prefer a return of the fine President GW Bush. Things are looking up.

    If only we could get a little more reason to enter the FASHIONABLE Image – Identity Movement on Our side (who seem eager to vilify others who threaten their fantasy – as if they are so deeply insecure). But something suggests, many in this smaller-passionate block do know better, they just cannot allow themselves to admit it publicly, due to a little destructive pride.

    However, it seems most of the rest, are wide awake, ready to face the serious challenges we encounter, with sincere reason and ability.

    Things are looking up, even Hillary Rodham Clinton said she won’t be running for President in 2012 or 2016.

    Of course she is never honest about anything, but at least it is fun to hear.


    “good establishment party hacks”

    PS: Just to note, this type of juvenile expression, seems to come from the failure to be able to handle sound analysis about the weak offerings in Delaware, Nevada, etc.

    It tries, much like Democrats do, to associate all criticism and objective insight, into an ugly stereotype of others who disagree.

    This is not Conservatism. Having to resort to name calling, is a very obvious sign, which reveals a failure to be able to discuss – debate issues with a secure nature.

    This is about as equal to one putting their hands over their ears, and shouting “i cannot hear you” and “you are evil establishment elite people”.

    It simply is not Conservatism, and perhaps some of those pushing this silly nature, should review a few famous success stories who led the Conservatives in strength, like WFB, Dr. Friedman, Ronald Reagan, etc.

    If someone cannot grasp, or even entertain the concept in a reasonable manner, that O’Donnell and other TEA PARTY EXPRESS selections were terribly weak – they simply are playing with reality.

    And they certainly are not Conservatives, they are Partisans following fan fare.

  • pst314

    Elizabeth, Thanks for posting that Lil Abner cartoon.