Like Sgt Schultz, I know nothing!

For those of you looking for Gateway Pundit and heading over here to ask me about it, the answer is, I am so much in my own little world and busy with my own work that I didn’t even know he had gone!

But a quick look at his twitter feed informs that he has headed over to Right Network, and is in the process of moving his huge amount of data there.

Right Network is the new right-wing oriented alternate-media gig run by American Digest’s Gerard Vanderleun and Little Miss Attila’s Joy McCann, which seems like it’s doing very well.

Apparently Gateway Pundit’s new address will be and that will probably be up and running in a few hours.

I am sure this is a good fit both for the new site and for Jim Hoft, who has boundless energy and a big following, so let’s wish everyone good luck and send Jim off with a song!

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