Like Sgt Schultz, I know nothing!

For those of you looking for Gateway Pundit and heading over here to ask me about it, the answer is, I am so much in my own little world and busy with my own work that I didn’t even know he had gone!

But a quick look at his twitter feed informs that he has headed over to Right Network, and is in the process of moving his huge amount of data there.

Right Network is the new right-wing oriented alternate-media gig run by American Digest’s Gerard Vanderleun and Little Miss Attila’s Joy McCann, which seems like it’s doing very well.

Apparently Gateway Pundit’s new address will be and that will probably be up and running in a few hours.

I am sure this is a good fit both for the new site and for Jim Hoft, who has boundless energy and a big following, so let’s wish everyone good luck and send Jim off with a song!

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  • SteveM

    Hoft’s postings were venomous trash. And they attracted ugly, mean-spirited comments from a coterie of bilious sycophants.

    Hoft was an embarrassment to a journal like First Things. Good riddance.

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  • Kirstin

    Thanks. I was wondering. Gateway Pundit will be a better fit elsewhere.

  • Irenaeus

    I agree. First Things should be about first things. GP wasn’t that.

  • rasqual

    I was an early reader of Hoft’s blog, but I became more and more concerned with his material over time. I was an FT subscriber before there was a web, and I never did understand why he was invited to participate here. It was not a good match.

    On the other hand, I understand FT is experiencing a shift at the helm just now. Restoring intellectual integrity’s important, and I’m curious what will come of things.

  • Gail F

    I think it will be a better fit there too. I read it frequently, just for gossip-type stuff, but it sure didn’t have the same types of comments that the other blogs I read here do. Nasty and knee-jerk reactions, most of the time. It didn’t really fit here.

    What shift at the helm, rasqual? I hope that FT will lose the shrill edge it has had lately, even from authors who didn’t used to have it. When the magazine came in the mail I used to read it all at once. Now it sits for weeks, only half-read. Still some great articles, to be sure, but a lot I won’t bother with.

  • Paul Adams

    I have to agree with the comments so far. The GP blog was an embarrassment and quite out of character in the First Things that Fr. Neuhaus had built. The Anchoress is very generous, but her blog has all the virtues that Hoft’s lacked.

    I have no idea what is going on at FT, but I hope the magazine will regain the wit, sophistication, and deep seriousness of the past while keeping the aesthetic improvements.

  • Kirstin

    Gail F., check the FT masthead here online and you’ll see some changes.

  • former subscriber

    Excellent news! Like the other commenters, I was dismayed when he was brought aboard and every time I ventured over to his website I was glad I wasn’t giving money that might support him. Along with the dreadful David Goldman (David Shushon, Spengler, or whatever pseudonym he is using this month to peddle his frightful tripe), Jim Hoft has been a real blight on FT. I knew it was bad when my pastor at the Catholic Church I attend here in Bethesda mentioned this in casual conversation a few months ago (shaking his head and wondering “what has become of that poor magazine, what must Fr. Neuhaus be thinking”). Anyway, dump Spengler and you’ll have all your old subscribers back in no time at all.

  • 49erDweet

    I, too, think some of GP’s commenters are “not nice” people, but also believe some of our POVs need to be heard by those types, too. If all believers do is sit around the campfire and tell each other how wonderful we are, we won’t have enough time and energy left to go out in the world and provide badly needed “salt”. So I appreciate both types of sites, and thank the authors for their time and commitment. How they do it so faithfully is beyond me. I have a problem remembering to wind my watch.

  • FJ Harris

    Wicked bit of humor.

  • Ben

    What about Joseph Bottum? I suspect the two departures are related. Mr Bottum brought GP here and now that Mr Bottum is gone GP is no longer welcome.

  • Steve Colby

    @SteveM – the irony is intentional, I hope. Either way, I am sympathetic to your view.

    I recall that once last year GP and the Anchoress posted on the same topic, with a link to the same content. The tenor of comments on the two blogs was remarkably different.

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  • Susan

    I agree. GP was not a good fit.

  • SKAY

    Thank you for the information Anchoress. I wish him well also.

  • F.Z.

    Can any else hear Father Neuhaus’ sigh at this announcement and fel him settle into a more comfortable position in his lovely bed in Paradise, with his cigars and good books and whiskey within easy reach? A bizarre editorial decision by Bottum et al, to have hosted that shabby yellow journal and its rat nest of hateful commenters. It may have been jettisoned in time to save the First Things brand, but not her reputation; the magazine is but a shadow of its former glory. You’re OK, though, Mrs. Scalia. You get the Neuhaus Seal of Approval (a cigar band worn as a ring).

    Good riddance.