123 Meme Revisited

A while back we had a little fun with the 123 Meme, which works as follows:

1. Pick up the book nearest your hand ( of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

I’m not going to tag anyone – it will be interesting enough to see your responses in the comments section. Tonight while looking through my archives in search of a book whose title I could not remember, I found the meme and tried it again.

As it happens, the book nearest my hand was my breviary. And following the meme instructions, this is what I got:

We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever.

Heh. Cool.

What do you get?

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  • Cathy J

    “Interestingly, despite subsequent landmaking outside this seawall, part of the original Charlesbank seawall was not covered over and is still visible south of the fill next to the lock and north of the fill on which the MDC swimming pool is located.”
    Gaining Ground, Nancy Seasholes
    (you want dry!)

  • Ellen

    “You’ll need to create rough drawings to reorganize the store as if you could do anything and everything you would ever want to do in the store. You’ll need to see it clearly, through your experience and your imagination, as a finished product, designed to fulfill its absolutely most important objective, to stand out in the mind of your customer as a spectacular example of a World Class Company. See it, see it, see it.”

    from EMyth Mastery: The Seven Essential Disciplines for Building a World Class Company by Michael. E. Gerber

  • Julia

    From “Aristotle’s Children” by Richard E. Rubenstein

    5th sentence – setting up the 3 sentences that follow : “This would be a perfect opportunity for Abelard to do what he did best: take the public stage as a lecturer and disputant.”

    “Through his students, Peter asked Archbishop Henry of Sens to arrange a public disputation between Bernard and himself before the assembled notables. The archbishop was a friend of Bernard’s, but, lured by the idea of sponsoring such a historic spectacle, he seems to have accepted the proposal without first conferring with the abbot. Abelard immediately wrote letters to his students throughout Europe asking them to come to Sens in June to support him.”

    Very interesting book written from the perspective of a Jew who gets a few Catholic teachings a bit cock-eyed. Also, he over-emphasizes the Jewish-Arab part in saving the Greek classics & doesn’t give enough credit to the Orthodox scholars who fled to the West from Constantinople, from time to time, bringing their books with them.

  • Serene Highness

    “He put up a sign with an arrow saying: ‘This way to the egress.’ Many in the crowd, anxious to view the egress, suddenly found themselves exiting the tent. Instead of enjoying more of the show, those who departed wound up outside looking in.”

    Martin Zweig’s Winning on Wall Street–the story in this excerpt is about P.T. Barnum.

  • http://www.fromthepulpitofmylife.blogspot.com/ Ruth Ann

    “The climax of the show was the “Attack on a Settler’s Cabin,” during which Indians who once had slaughtered soldiers and civilians alike staged a mock attack on a cabin full of white settlers, only to be vanquished yet again by Buffalo Bill and a company of cowboys firing blanks. As the season advanced, Cody replaced the attack with the even more dramatic ‘Battle of the Little Big Horn…showing with historical accuracy the scene of Custer’s Last Charge.”

    “The fair was hard on Colonel Cody’s marriage.”

    From: The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson

  • Mary W

    In John, “It is finished.” Reading the Gospel accounts together, it becomes clear that the secret of the cry of deriliction is that the abandonment by God is the abandonment to God. Had it not gone to this extremity, it would not truly have been finished.

    “Death on a Friday Afternoon” Richard John Neuhaus

  • Deacon Bob

    His apprehension of the divine message was more intimate than theirs. The Revelation granted to him was the source from which all later prophets drew. What theprophets were destined to prophesy in subsequent gegeration they received from Mount Sinai ( Exod. R xxvII 6)

    Every man’s Talmud-Abraham Cohen

  • Sheryl Bryant

    “Yet, relying only on his intellect and his powers of retention, Carl has achieved the near-impossible. He is a true American Hero.” Sutton’s state-recitation aptitude has drawn national attention, resulting in guest spots on TV talks shows, lecture dates in elementary and secondary schools, and good will visitis to hopistals, nursing home and military bases.
    Article “Hero Citizen Can Name All 50 States”
    The Onion – Ad Nauseam
    Please remember The Onion is a satrical publication. I’m really impressed with everything everyone else is reading. Wow.

  • Francis Monica

    Also at her bedside were her faithful friends, Leo and Angelo. She asked them to read to her the Passion of the Lord. Upon Brother Rainaldo exhorting her to bear her infirmities with patience, she replied, “Dearest Brother, ever since I have known the grace of my Lord Jesus Christ through His servant Francis, no suffering has troubled me, no penance has been hard, no sickness too arduous.”

    ~St. Francis of Assisi: A Biography by Omer Englebert

  • http://runswithangels.wordpress.com/ Jan

    I’m feeling a little inadequate with all the deeply learned books people are showing

    Liz – I could just as easily have reached for a book that was almost as close as the other…called Mrs. Miracle, by Debbie Macomber. And had it been last week, surely the closest book to me would have been one of those vampire books by Charlaine Harris:)

  • Ruth

    Your law is a light to my eyes, – let it protect those who trust in you. You allow the joys of your coming to be foretold to us by your Church, – may we receive you with eager devotion. Our Father…

  • Joan M Goss


    Light requirements vary greatly from one plant to the next. Consider your intended planting site before making selections.

    The Audubon Society for Attracting Birds by Stephen W Kress

  • Rebecca

    “The Divine Hours, Prayers for Summertime” by Phyllis Tickle

    Bless our God, you peoples; make the voice of his praise to be heard; who holds our souls in life, and will not allow our feet to slip. Psalm 66:7-8

    Show me the light of your countenance, O God, and come to me. adapted from Psalm 67:1

    Whom have I in heaven but you?

  • Bill

    All our attempts to solve the most basic problems of human life have failed in theory and in practice. After thousands of years we have tamed the moon but we have not tamed man. We have reached the heavens but we have not reached heaven.

    Making Sense out of Suffering
    Peter Kreeft

  • tim maguire

    Liz, it’s sheer luck that just last weekend I scored a copy of The Lost History of Christianity that I’ve wanted to read since being exposed to a passage of it over the summer. It just as likely that I could have been reading Winnie the Pooh when The Anchoress made this post.

    Besides, maybe we’re lying to impress and you’re one of the few honest ones.

  • http://www.obissister.com Obi’s Sister

    It is not likely that sin will interfere with our relationship to God, but sympathy will, sympathy with ourselves or with others which makes us say – “I will not allow that thing to happen.” Instantly we are out of vital connection with God.

    Intercession leave you neither time nor inclination to pray for your own “sad sweet self.”

    - My Utmost for His Highest, Oswald Chambers, May 3

  • http://www.obissister.com Obi’s Sister

    Jan – hahaha – “learned books.” I’m at work, so it was a choice between my daily devotional book or Oracle programming manuals.

    I took the high road.

  • http://jscafenette.com/ Manny

    Nick said nothing. The liquor had all died out of him and left him alone. Bill wasn’t there.

    -From The Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway, excerpt from “The Three-Day Blow.”

  • d-day

    The absurdity of he was knocked down by the town hall, or of In Poet’s Corner where he [sc. Dryden] has been buried by Chaucer and Cowley (G. E. B. Saintsbury, 1881) can be lessened by a contextual change of intonation, but is better avoided altogether by choosing a different preposition, or by some other means. Fowler (1926) worried about the accidental, slovenly recurrence of by in the same sentence: Palmerston wasted the strength derived by England by the great war by his brag. Fortunately such gross impropriety is not often encountered in written English now.

  • Emilio Perea

    “In the connectionless system we have described so far, each router operates autonomously, routing or delivering datagrams that arrive without coordinating with the original sender. The system works well if all machines operate correctly and agree on routes. Unfortunately, no system works correctly all the time.”

  • Emilio Perea

    The above is from the closest dead-tree book, but I forgot that there was an electronic book open in the background…

    “Those things which we know naturally, are known to us without our discoursing about them, as in the case of first principles. Now knowledge in God cannot be otherwise than natural, nor in fact otherwise than essential; since His knowledge is His essence, as we proved above. Therefore God’s knowledge is not argumentative.”

  • FoolishMortal

    “Darling,” Vera wrote to Danny. “I’ve not wanted to test how much you love me, but all this while I’ve been carrying OUR child.” (Her months with Lowji and Meher had markedly improved Vera’s English.)

    From: A Son of the Circus, by John Irving

  • Mike Melendez

    “It was not a battle between opposing forces. Men in the same quarters, who had eaten together by day and rested together at night, took sides and fought each other.. The shrieks, wounds, and blood were unmistakable.”
    From: The Army of The Caesars by Michael Grant

  • William L. Harnist

    “It does mean the person who is feeling sad must take responsibility for that feeling. Sandy was confused about her boundaries because she felt responsible for her mother’s feelings. She felt like she had to change her mother’s anger to happines by changing her own behavior, that is, by coning home for Thanksgiving. This puts Sandy’s mother’s anger in control of Sandy’s life.””

  • Golem14

    (Incomplete sentence at the top of the page discounted)

    “All right, then, but don’t let me catch you selling anything around here. You know the policy of our store. Carry on!”

    S. J. Perelman: Crazy Like A Fox