Ration me? Hey, Ration U2! – UPDATED

Regular readers know I am a big U2 fan. I’ve even slipped U2 songs into previous Advent posts.

But if the phonies in Cancun are going to start talking about rationing the lives of others in order to save Gaia, they’re going to have to start looking at other excesses they can eliminate, first. That’s my Tuesday column: Rationing Bono & Other Gaia-Saving Ideas

Curiously, no one at these conferences ever suggests that less-draconian measures, affecting a relative minority of human beings, might be worth exploring. Beyond canceling their annual exotically-located meet-up in favor of efficient teleconferences, for instance, these people might want to take a good, hard look at the entertainment industry in general, and rock bands in particular.

Let them start with U2, the Irish rock band that—even as our put-upon saints in Cancun are weeping over Gaia—has landed its current extravaganza, “The 360 Tour,” in Australia. Billed as the biggest tour ever mounted, and at a daily cost of $850,000, the show requires six 747 jets, 55 trucks, and an assembly crew of 130. “You compare a tour by the number of trucks they use,” production manager Jake Berry said. “The Rolling Stones ran 46 trucks. We are running 55. This is the biggest.”

You can read the rest here.

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Wikileaks and Hillary Clinton:
When she said a few weeks ago that she would never again seek elected office, did she know she’d be a star player in the leaks? I wonder about that. It does seem like as Secretary of State her inner Stazi came out. But perhaps that’s because Obama didn’t give her enough to do and she had too much time on her hands.

Should she resign? Probably, but Hillary doesn’t go down without a fight. Expect things to get interesting. In any case, it puts an end to a narrative that had been amazingly controlled for decades.

Some WikiLeak questions worth asking.

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Happy Feastday of Saint Andrew!

I showed my geek hubby the picture of the U2 stage, uptop and he said, “I want to go to there…”

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  • Rhinestone Suderman

    In re the Smithsonian story—yes, this is precisely what we’ve come to.

    Remember, this was supposed to be “Family Day!”

    Any moment now, I suppose we’ll hear about Christians rioting over the picture of Jesus covered with ants and demanding that the artist be arrested for blasphemy.

    Or maybe not. . .

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  • Rhinestone Suderman

    As for Hillary. . . I suspect her inner Stazi was in there all the time, just waiting for a chance to get out, and what Obama did, or didn’t, do, has nothing to do with it.

  • Ken in Kansas

    Suspicions of how the leaks will affect Hillary aside, I think they show she’s more of a man than Obamba or Holder.

    That nations spy on each other puts me in a mind to adapt the words of Captain Renault in Casablanca, “Spyng? I’m shocked!”

  • Old Fan

    I will never forget Bono not shaking GW Bush’s hand, and smirking with Obama over the ugly, childish snub.

    He showed how he is a product of pathetic fashion, instead of being the true ethical – enlightened being he once projected. This from an old U2 fan.

    Ironically, GW Bush led the world to turn the tide of the AIDS Epidemic in Africa. And these Partisans cannot handle it, even Bono who seeks socialist oppression for all, while he bails on Ireland for it’s high taxation.

    In regards to Hillary Rodham Clinton. Yes, she must resign. IT IS A MAJOR DISASTER. She probably won’t, but she should. If this were a Republican Administration, even the Conservative Punditry would be making the case for removal (even for the sake of PR).

    Strangely, many on the ‘good side’ are passing on the Clinton angle of this MEGA Story. Drudge again shows his brilliance, while some play blind. I wonder if some are still stuck on fears over the past Impeachment issues, worried about appearing too Partisan (even if long ago, some rightly did their jobs in Congress). Perhaps they simply don’t want to appear too tough on Hillary Rodham Clinton. But they are missing the big picture – this is simply too HUGE to ignore.

    If one studies the details, this is a fiasco, and it hardly is to be all blamed on the Leaker. The PR issue alone, is beyond TITANIC proportions, and cannot be ignored.

    As expected, we have further confirmation, Mrs. Clinton is running a terribly misguided State Department. It is truly the substance which is so concerning – Hillary Rodham was focused on the treating the Globe, rather like Janet Napolitano treats little American Children in Airports. Instead of focusing on the real threats, Mrs. Clinton was giving Orwellian “ORDERS” which are simply overtly invasive with the USA’s best Allies, instead of the enemies.

    For example, the WIKI dump reveals Mrs. Clinton’s STATE Department was obsessed with Israel building on it’s own soil, while they failed to focus on the real priority – the reality the entire Middle East was concerned with stopping Iran from gaining NUKES. That is a HUGE problem. This is a basis issue, not to be confused with those wanting to gloss over with generics, claiming meekly “they all do it”.

    It is truly damning for the Obama-Clinton State Department. It is not going away, and one wonders if Obama has the guts to seek Hillary’s removal – or if this was not the point from the get go.

    Hillary should NEVER have had her fingerprints on this garbage, and it reveals another disaster. This is far from ’smart power’. NO NATION around the World, could trust the Obama Administration or the Clinton State Department now.

    Certainly, if North Korea was turning towards Democracy and Peace, with Iran capitulating to the FREE WORLD, many could afford to look past this Clintonian nightmare. But the problems in the World are burning out of control, and the Clinton State Department has made all matters far worse.

    Hillary Clinton should take the wrap for the folly (she will in Global Opinion anyhow) – and Conservative Pundits should not be shy about it. The damage to the USA is enormous, and one cannot blame WIKI alone.

    If one does not see the enormous problems with the substance of this horrid effort, then they must at least see the massive Public Relations fiasco on the International Scene.

    Hillary Clinton will simply be known as BIG BROTHER to all, even with Our finest friends like the BRITS, (especially with the PEOPLE of each Nation in the World – this story is Global indeed). Not wise for any State Department, simply a disaster.

    National Geographic just highlighted the State Department with a typical pro-Clinton promo, pretending to be a documentary. It was clearly a job via the Clinton Friends in Hollywood, to sell Mrs. Clinton. In the production, they repeatedly referenced the absolute importance of positive IMAGE for the USA, being provided by the State Department. This is now an utter failure, beyond what we could ever imagine. The NAT-GEO piece included a segment of the enormous GIFTS the State Department provides to all around the World, (like Michael Jordan’s signed b-ball shoes being handed out to various Foreign Leaders), which is used to play nice – buy friendships. It is of course, now revealed as an utter fraud. The State Department is the image of the USA’s “diplomatic” relations – which is now a shambles, with Hillary Clinton being “the face” of the folly.

    Memories of the KGB now come to mind…

    And the USA would be wise to project a “RESET” in the State Department.

  • http://www.noodlingonit.com Kris, in New England

    That Smithsonian exhibition is deviant and anti – everything. Always interesting to see Jesus’ image subjected to untold indecencies and not one Christian group will say a word – no protests, no riots, no death threats.

    But let there be a Mohammed or Koran placed in unflattering illumination and – WHAM – the world as we know it ceases to exist.

    Our tax dollars at work.

  • Old Fan

    On a related note, someone should get a hold of Ms. O’Donnell – for this is truly embarrassing.

    “O’Donnell does like Hillary and took to her Twitter account to praise her handling of the WikiLeaks document dump. “You go girl,” O’Donnell tweeted.”

    Mrs. O’Donnell is on track to be exploited by Democrats for a long time, and she seems eager to play the game. This is truly misguided.

    Thinking Hillary handled this fiasco well?

    Oh my…

    Does Ms. O’Donnell really think she can play the Democrats for a future career?

  • tim maguire

    Old Fan, I’m surprised. I recall Bono being supportive of Bush over his Africa policies and even defending him from time to time.

    Has Bono taken a position on global warming? Because overall, his activism is pretty sensible. At least by entertainer standards.

    On to Hillary, resigning in disgust at the poor job the Obama administration has done of protecting secrets would leave her very well placed for a primary challenge.

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  • e phillips

    Oh, Anchoress . . . long have I lurked, but I must comment on this new revelation (to me) of your love for U2! U2′s music has been the soundtrack of my life. Like Tim, I have only seen Bono be respectful in dealing with politicians–I recall his friendship with the late Sen. Jesse Helms as one example. That said, I doubt we share many political beliefs, but who cares?

    While I’m at it, wonderful blog. Thanks for being a sane and faithful voice in the blogosphere.

  • JimC

    Did you notice that in her column Peggy Noonan reported a premonition that a handful of smart and crazed terrorists would do a big, terrible thing in Manhattan that would be a psychic blow, that would reorder our priorities for more than awhile, that would seem to stop time and make us pray? And did you notice the date of the column, this day in 1998, twenty-seven months before 9/11? I didn’t at first because every word seemed perfectly fitting today.

    [OMG! You're so right! I thought that was THIS WEEK's column! Wow. I even dropped her a note telling her how spot-on I thought she was! LOL -admin]

  • Ellen Lopez

    We’ve been noticing a change in Mrs. Clinton along with her statements that she is not running. Six or five weeks ago I kept saying to my husband – what is up with Hillary? She actually seems relaxed and comfortable with herself and I believe her when she says she is not running. You have put it together very well; she knew these leaks were coming and that they would damage her deeply. Unless this is the ultimate boomerang that it does lead to the Democrat desperation that she replace Obama!!!

  • dry valleys

    Maybe she is fulfilled by her work, maybe she (rightly) thinks that she’s doing a perfectly good job? You don’t always need to look for arcane explanations.

    As for these Wikileaks, it’s hardly news that Arabs don’t like Persians, Berlusconi is a total joke, Sarko is almost as bad, etc. I can’t imagine anyone being surprised that diplomats say things like this either, firstly it IS important to know about leaders’ personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, secondly they obviously need to let their hair down in private after being so boringly nice all the time. I don’t see a need to follow through with, for example, Sarah Palin’s “advice” on how to deal with Assange.

  • Julie

    The Peggy Noonan column was especially uplifting at the end. I’ve not read anywhere else in the secular media what she proposes. I hope this article gets re-posted for the benefit of people who read the signs of the times and vacillate between despair and prayer or worse, denial. She reminds us of another choice that’s so often overlooked: works of charity and mercy to stay God’s hand.

  • Jeff

    I second Jim C’s remark. It is eery that she kind of predicted what happened.

    I always felt something similar after Clinton launched those cruise missiles at Iraq right after his impeachment. My gut said, “they are going to do something now.

  • Andrew B

    Thank you for mentioning my Patronal Feast. St. Andrew, patron saint of fishermen, Scotsmen and drunkards. This makes him, in effect, the patron saint of redundancy as well.


    Fox’s Special Report did one of the finest offerings, covering the story of how GW Bush and the Bush Administration led the way to stem the tide of the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

    Of course, it included Mr. Bono (who still offers little subtle hints at the tiresome anti-US and anti-GOP fashion which I have encountered for decades traveling in Europa – and elsewhere), who was good – but I could not help but laugh when he tried to include credit for the fine effort with Mr. Clinton, or his reference to Mr. Obama (who lacked the decency in the aired statement again to thank President Bush).

    Bono has become a politician in my book. I am thankful for all efforts, but I guess I feel the AD campaign is not as helpful as the real work, like the fine Leaders of the Bush Administration who really did a great job – including Sec. Rice in regards to their inspired program in Africa.

    They even included the concept of how this was essential to the USA in terms of National Defense, as the likes of Al Qaeda and others were trying to exploit the truly troubled Continent of Africa.

    This link is for Tim Maguire – It wasn’t just a handshake as my memory suggested, it was a hug. Bono dogged for pure politics at a prayer meeting. I will never forget this one, and thought about it throughout the FOX report (really put this old fan of U2 into a healthier perspective about another Celebrity):

    “Here is video of Bono revealing in an interview that President Obama congratulated him for avoiding a hug with President Bush at a National Prayer Breakfast event. Bono revealed he was trying to avoid hugging Bush, despite the fact President Bush supported his initiatives to help Aids victims in Africa, in fact, far more than any President in history.

    When Bono sat down next to then Sen. Obama at the event, Bono says Obama told him, “Nice work with the hug dodge.”

    I do give credit, I believe Bono apologized later for this rather juvenile act. But still, the likes of GW has been so heroic for so many, especially Africa – AIDS, on of Bono’s big causes, and he could have done so much to LEAD in the face of fashion – but did not.