OSV 2010: The 8 Biggest Stories

It’s a wee bit early, but Our Sunday Visitor has posted a look at the 8 biggest stories of 2010. See if you can read this excerpt from the intro and figure out who wrote it:

“…let us look back at a teeter-totter of a year, where high-riding America suddenly found herself hitting the ground of reality with a thud. War is not over; the economic recovery is slow-to-stagnant and those who are not yet struggling themselves know someone, or love someone, who is.

We learned a few things in 2010: Service economies are hard to grow when housing markets are closed; Brett Favre is not unbreakable; your kids will hear you better if you text them; shooting a TV does not make “Dancing With the Stars” go away; the stock market doesn’t necessarily have any bearing on realities; a college degree in anything but the hard sciences really may not be worth it, after all; Russia is still a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma; Christian oppression is not just for ancient Romans, anymore; reality TV has turned half the nation into voyeurs and the other half into exhibitionists; the wrong people want to be the exhibitionists; TSA patdowns may feel like a flashback to a bad dating experience; airport metal detectors are so graphic the only mystery left is your blood type; and no matter how many channels your cable package provides, you will not get away from the ubiquitous Sarah Palin!

Oh, lighten up! :-) Are you going to say she was not ubiquitous this year?

You can read it all here, and vote on what you thought was the biggest story of the year, too.

The Net Neutrality Coup occurred too late to make it onto most lists, but it will be a big story next year, I think.

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