A Question for Readers

Quick question, here.

The Layout Folk are wondering about tags and search functions, and what people use more.

So I thought rather than taking an educated guess, I’d just ask: When you are looking for articles in this blog, do you use the tags at the base of the blogpost or do you go into the search box, or is it a mix of both?


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  • Max Lindenman

    Depends. If you’ve got a category for it, I’ll go to the base of the blog post. (I love that the categories appear in different sizes; it makes the blogpost look like the wall menu in a very chic coffee shop.) If not, I’ll use the search engine.

    While I’m here, I might add that some of your categories are admirably quirky. My favorite is “Perpetual Adolescents.” At least I know where I’ll end up if you ever decide to write about me.

  • Joe C

    Dear Elizabeth,

    If I can’t scroll down to find it. I go right to the tags. I have never used the search. I am most interested in the current events. More than the last week of post are no longer current. If it is important you will re-blog the subject (I know you!).

    Hope this helps, God bless.
    Joe C.

  • Diane


  • http://breadhere.blogspot.com/ Fran Rossi Szpylczyn

    Mix of both, more the search box however.

  • melissa

    Both, but more the search box.

  • Mutnodjmet

    I am a search engine person myself. Tags are not something I pay much attention to.

  • http://www.mysteriousthings.net Marc

    I see the titles and beginnings of posts in the feed reader every day, more or less, and if I can’t read a post when I first see it, I keep it up on the browser until I get to it; never use either tags or the search function, in other words.

  • debbie whitney

    search box

  • Sarah Triplett

    Both. Plus the links in the text. Sarah

  • http://www.MarketingQi.com/blog Ellen

    The search box.

  • Teresa D.

    Tags almost always.

  • Karen

    Search Box

  • Terrye

    It is a mix of both. I love your new look. I just finished a book on Eleanor of Aquitaine and that made me curious so I did some reading on the times…and your picture of the young woman is from the painting Fair Rosamund I think. She was Henry 11′s great love. She died young and gave raise to many legends and poems.

  • MJ

    I use both.

  • Vicki

    Tags first. If I can’t find it there I use the search box.

  • Emkay


  • http://sailorette.blogspot.com Foxfier

    Usually I use the google site search, because your blog searches have never worked right for me…. *blush*

  • http://jscafenette.com/ Manny

    Tags for me.

  • http://www.gesthemanegarden.blogspot.com Hislittlelamb

    search. didn’t know about tags.

  • Mary B.

    Search. I’ve never noticed the tags before.

  • Foolish Mortal

    Being sort of new at this computer stuff, I always use the search engine, because I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t know what tags were for. Never clicked on any tags because of the fear of the unknown…LOL

  • http://www.avoiceintothevoid.wordpress.ocm Susan


  • http://gmsplace.com GM Roper

    Both, don’t want to take a chance at missing something :)

  • Steve Colby

    search box

  • kelleyb

    I use the search box. hmmm, didn’t know one could search tags….no too bright

  • http://fineoldfamly.blogspot.com Sally Thomas

    Search engine for me. I never think about tags, except to notice funny ones. And I concur with everyone else who likes the look here. I love how clean and airy it seems — just like a new house, or one after a serious de-clutter. Very, very nice.



  • firstHat

    search engine. Tags are usually too one dimensional when I’m looking for something

  • DeLynn

    Almost always the search box.

  • Sheryl

    Usually the search box.

  • Marcia Easterling

    Almost always use the search box as the trigger I usually remember is a particular word.

  • http://www.scrutinies.net Dorian Speed

    I use both – tags if I happen to notice an interesting one appended to a post, while search is usually more specific – “I remember she wrote something once about turboencabulated Velveeta,” that kind of thing. I am not an expert, but I think using tags helps with Search Engine Optimization.