A Travel Day

Will be out all the live-long day today. Looked for something amusing to leave you with.

Found this:

I know. But it still makes me laugh.

YouTube Preview Image

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  • Bill

    Just do not make fun of NASCAR.

  • Ken in Kansas

    Just called my shrink and left a message for her to up my meds. Where do they come up with this stuff?

  • http://essentialmrbill.blogspot.com/ Mr Bill

    That was funny! Must have been from a low budget TV station. I was thinking WKRP in Cinncinnatti….

  • Fr Patrick Of Monterey

    Elizabeth dear,

    You need to…get out more.

    Blessings, Fr P

  • Joni


  • Sue from Buffalo

    Well, I failed that test quick! lol

    Loved it.

  • Azygos

    This might bring a smile to some here.


  • jtd7

    I didn’t last three seconds. Get the net!

  • Frances

    I had to listen to those noises growing up AND smell the horrid, unfiltered exhaust. Sounded exactly like all those rusty, greasy minibikes, lawnmower engines and motorcycles of my THREE brothers. UGH. THREE grease monkeys, not just one. Three!!!!

    Guess I did not laugh. :)

    But, it did make me smile!

    And so did the 50,000 plus prolifers that showed up at yesterdays Walk for Life West Coast!!! Wow, what a showing of good, wholesome and ready to speak up people. We had 11 bishops too. :)

    And, the weather was in the 60s. I’m telling you, Anchoress, if you have to travel, make it out to the Walk in San Francisco in January. You will never regret it!

    Pax et bonum. (My saint for the year always said this, can you guess who it is??? Hint: has to do with the name of the city where the Walk for Life West Coast was held. I can’t believe I randomly picked him from the Butlers Lives of the Saints!!!)