A Prayer Request for Jeanne

From reader Carolyn:

A few months ago you posted a video of a young lady singing a beautiful song . She was blond and sang with no music or very simple musical accompaniment. She was singing about the Lord being with you in the most desperate of circumstances. I think you may have posted it in October or early November. I searched your archives and can’t find it. Could you please post it again or email me the name or the singer. My beautiful 24 year old grand-daughter-in-law is dying of cancer all over her body. She was diagnosed about 2 weeks after her wedding. I would like to share this song with her if you could possibly help me find it.

There are little kids who will be losing their mom; let us pray for Jeanne, and her husband and kids – for the whole family.

YouTube Preview Image

Once I stood in the night with my head bowed low
In the darkness as black as the sea
And my heart was afraid and I cried,
Oh Lord, don’t hide your face from me.

Hold my hand all the way, every hour, every day
From here to the great unknown
Take my hand, let me stand
Where no one stands alone.

Like a king, I may live in a palace so tall
With great riches to call my own
But I don’t know a thing in this whole wide world
That’s worse than being alone.

Hold my hand all the way, every hour, every day
From here to the great unknown
Take my hand, let me stand
Where no one stands alone…

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  • Mandy P.

    I’ll be praying for that young woman and her family.

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  • SCSoxFan

    May the Lord bring her healing of spirit, if not body, and bring comfort and solace to her family, especially her children.

  • Mila

    She and her whole family are in my prayers.

  • Beth

    Prayers for Jeanne and her family.

  • http://www.brutallyhonest.org Rick

    Not long ago, I would pray for God’s tangible presence to be made manifest in the circumstance of people like Jeanne… and now, knowing what I know of the Eucharist and of the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick,Christ’s presence and His passion can be brought to Jeanne in powerful ways.

    I pray that she is able and willing to receive both.

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  • http://jscafenette.com/ Manny

    May God hold her close to his heart and bless her. I pray for the best.

  • Sue from Buffalo

    Prayers going up.

  • dancingcrane

    praying also

  • Sal

    Praying for their best good. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Anchoress.

  • http://www.ghpoetryplace.blogspot.com/ Maria Horvath

    Dear Anchoress,

    Could you please pass on this poem to Carolyn? Thank you.




    I may not venture to your door
    And lift the latch, as I would do;
    I send our Lady in my stead
    Tonight, to comfort you.

    (For in the smiling of your eyes
    I feel the dark where tears have lain,
    Under the music of your voice,
    The counterpoint of pain.)

    Beneath the February moon,
    A lithe, cool crescent in the sky,
    She will be haloed regally
    As she goes softly by.

    In the white vigil of your prayer
    Under the lintel she will tread
    And know you by the curving light
    You wear about your head.

    She will shut out philosophy;
    Lay your bright wisdom on the sill;
    For there are caverns in the soul
    That only love can fill —

    Stark intervals of silence, when
    Even the spirit poised in grace
    Is chastened by the pity worn
    Upon a woman’s face.

    Beyond the touch of any thought
    Or little word that she may speak,
    Will be the solace of her arms,
    Her kiss upon your cheek.

    And from my window at the dawn
    My soul will fly like any bird
    To nestle at her heart, and hear
    The music she has heard.

    ~ Sister Thérèse Lentfoehr (1902-1981),
    American poet and Thomas Merton scholar

  • anniebird

    Carolyn, my prayers are with you.

  • lois in Indy

    How beautiful. I’m not much for poetry. Most of it’s over my head. But I get this one. Thank you Maria. lois