Do you Subscribe?

Don’t shut me out!

It never occurs to me to push the RSS feeds, but after reading this, I realize I probably should!

Then you can get me in your email box, all day long…gosh, that sounds like a threat more than a promise!

Anyhow, you can subscribe to this site by putting your email address into the little box that says “Subscribe!” in the right hand sidebar.

I’d miss you if you missed me!

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  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t dream of missing you, but my email box runneth over … I’m days behind … Twitter works best for me!

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    I rely on my RSS reader and use it daily…otherwise I’d never get through my “morning papers”!

  • Martin Beckman

    I don’t use the RSS feeds, too much e-mail was coming in. I’m kinda subscribing to you via Facebook. Tried to friend you, but I think I got the “Not Now” option … which ends up putting me down in your hidden friend requests until you actually delete it.

  • Martin Beckman

    FYI … I also manage the Papal Encyclicals Online website.

  • Catherine

    I’ve had an RSS feed of your blog to My Yahoo for a couple of years, now, I think, and I can’t imagine not having it otherwise! :D Thank you for doing what you do!

  • Posey

    my first grand baby Ellie Jolie was born to day on my dad’s (would have been) 87th birthday. Thank you Elizabeth for your faithfulness & willingness to share it. & thank you for your rosary podcast.

  • Matthew Berg

    I subscribe via a desktop reader.

    You were actually the “gateway drug” that got me hooked on Catholic blogs. Before that I read predominantly conservative political blogs.

  • Allen

    Subscribe via Google Reader for some time now. Before that I used FeedDemon.