Trying out a New Comments Thingy

You may notice that the comments thingy is different than it has been. Now you will be able to reply more directly to another commenter, and if you want to go tussle between yourselves you can do that without making the comments thread difficult to follow. If people don’t want to watch the sparring, they needn’t.

Tell me what you think okay? I am not sure, yet, whether I am loving it!

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  • Your Name

    Sorry, I’ve got confused & logged on under one of my identities. These things have got a will of their own.

  • Stuart @ eChurch Blog

    It’s a sound idea…

  • Defend Us In Battle

    I tried this, or a similar commenting addition, and that was the major problem – it sort of sucked peoples identities in without notice.

  • TerryeC51

    This sounds interesting. It might keep things flowing.

  • Joseph Marshall

    This appears to run in reverse order to the previous comment scroll. I do like that. It’s a lot more convenient. We’ll have to see what it does for the dialog.

  • Bender

    Good example of why I rarely comment on sites that use this platform. Or bother to read other comments. I have to fill out some other box in order to post? Not. Going. To. Happen. (very often — this will be a rare exception)

    I DESPISE, with a passion, these damn facebook, twitter, and disqus interfaces.

    Question — why is it so necessary to fix things when they are not broken?

  • Sal

    While I like ‘reply’ features, I simply can’t read comments from bottom to top. It gives me a headache. Sorry…
    Since you have such excellent commentors, I would hate to miss them.

    And what Bender said, about a succession of boxes.

  • R.C.

    Okay, I’m trying this out…

  • R.C.

    That wasn’t so bad.

    Bender, I didn’t find it too problematic. Much better than posting at Ann Althouse’s blog, where you actually wind up commenting on a different page. Here there was a “modal dialog box” — that little window which overlapped the main window — in which you could enter your identity while posting. You’d have to do that anyway.

    I used the “Guest” option, because I don’t care to create too much of an easily-followed “paper trail” that can be immediately linked to an existing account I have. (If a future employer or customer wants to reject me on account of my political or religious beliefs, I want them to have to work a bit to accomplish it.) So if there WERE no “Guest” option, it’d be a big problem.

    [I'm not sure I like it, myself. I'll give it the weekend and then decide whether I'm keeping it -admin]

  • Mandy P.

    Looks fancier, but takes longer to load.

  • Manny

    It’s a plus on the reply aspect of it. I do prefer to have the empty comment box at the end of the comment stream. I’ve commented without even reading the comments. Oh, and I would miss the number of comments listed at the bottom of your blog entry. I use that to see if there have been other comments since I was last there.

  • Sal

    I now see that there is a sorting feature so you can read oldest to newest, but I still don’t like Disquis.