Whoa, this is COOL!

I don’t know, I look at these pictures and then consider the NYC Subway system, or others and think, why aren’t we doing staggering, creative things like this, anymore? Art Deco gave way to Peter Max and then to minimalism, but this is fun!

It’s the Swedish Subway System, and it’s awesome!

I wonder how many stimulus dollars have been spent updating and re-creating our subway spaces. Must look that up.

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  • kathleen

    Some of the art in the subways is cool. http://www.mta.info/mta/aft/permanentart/
    The Swedish system IS amazing though. Of course NY’s is bigger :)

    [Yes, but when you consider the enormous stimulus budget...we might have been able to do something to update, revamp and improve our subways! -admin! ]

  • jcd

    Are you serious? That is so ugly. Hellish even.Not at all peaceful or tranquil.

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  • dry valleys

    Sweden is of course a good social democracy. You don’t hear them complaining about anything, (apart from perhaps having admitted too many immigrants, which has nothing to do with what economic system is or isn’t in place).

    I am a great admirer of the infrastructure in places like Sweden, Germany etc, which do involve quite extensive use of the state, but also a culture in the private sector which is different to that which has prevailed in the Anglo-Saxon world since 1979. I don’t particularly like that artwork but I’ll take what they’ve got in general. It wouldn’t happen in America as even Democrats would be outraged by how left-wing it was:)

  • Anonymous

    Is any of that real? While cool, many of those pictures look like artist renditions of possible post-renovation scenes rather than real stations. Sure, the NYC subway is a dirty utilitarian bore (with a few isolated exceptions in the Times Square station), but with the incessant petty vandalism, it always will be.

    The alternative is abandoning our open pluralistic society and embracing a closed culturally and ethnically pure arrangement like you might see in…Sweden.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6SQWADITZPYHKSWSM5ONMDI52I Greta

    Stimulus funding by the government only stimulates more debt. One day may we see an end to wasteful spending by the government on federal, state, and local levels. Remember Reagan said that the most dangerous words you can here are “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

    Saw an article today on government funded job training program where 35 different agencies were involved and at one time, they had five different agencies coming in to look at the same data. Mess for those needing jobs and employers as well.

  • Manny

    Given a choice I’d rather keep my hard earned money and spend it on things that I desire, not some subway art work that’s going to get trashed anyway or full of soot. Art work doesn’t look all that appealing to me either.