Earthquake, Tsunami; half a world under siege – UPDATED

There is really nothing to say, but in this first Friday of Lent, a day of abstinence, let us offer up our prayers and sacrifices for the stricken nation of Japan and the people living in anxiety as the water moves…

An astonishing photo

Ed Driscoll seems to have been up all night; he has the latest

Ace had a running thread going through the night.

Town of Kurihara has been completely destroyed – estimated population there, around 77,000.

Contemplating the number of lives which may be lost in all of this is almost impossible. And watching those waters roll over the farmlands of northern Japan, one realizes the effects of this disaster will be so wide-ranging, so broadly felt. So many unknowns…there is nothing for it but prayer, and donating to relief services.

UPDATE: Watch live English-language TV from Japan, here

UPDATE II: Google launches a person-finder for Japan

Yen Explodes – insurers slammed

NUCLEAR Emergency? – cooling efforts at a nuclear power plant in northern Japan “not going as planned”. There may be problems at TWO sites.

Full Coastal Evacuation in Hawaii. earlier the Big Island experienced an earthquake unrelated to Japan’s

News is breaking fast and furious; new report that a ship with 100 passengers was swept away in Japan’s waters.

Richard Fernandez has video and thoughts.

UPDATE VI: Chilling photos; to imagine, all of this destruction in a matter of minutes.

More astounding photos and more

A passenger train is missing. A whole train!

Waiting on the West Coast – Ed Morrissey has incredible video.

Initial estimates are that 88,000 people are missing

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