Benedict, Therese and "Ze little vay!"

I love this. I have needed St. Therese (and St. Catherine of Siena – another strong woman) all day today, and I loved hearing our Holy Father expound on the Little Way which is actually the way of powerful warriors who have become masters in the art of spiritual warfare because they have trusted with their whole hearts and thus been given the greatest of weapons: love, love, love.

“My vocation shall be love,” said Therese!

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  • Victor

    You’re right again Anchoress love, love and love makes the world go round.

    I must be going crazy cause sinner vic tells me that he’ll never believe that Our Heavenly Father can take but “ONE” of our spiritual loving cells of science and place the entire universe in “IT” and if a domino affect was somehow started by God’s Angels then every other Heavenly Body Cells could received an equal amount of “IT” and this would be but a “Word” for Our Heavenly Father. Go Figure!

    God Bless Peace

  • fiestamom

    I just love hearing him speak. I wish I could hear him read his book Jesus of Nazareth.

    When he came to America in 08, I remember him reading like this up in Yonkers with the young people Mass. He said “Haff Courage!” with a twinkle in his eye. What a blessing he is.