May I take your intentions with me to Rome? – UPDATED

(My photo of ancient side altar at the Basilica of Santa Sabina)

While I am busy getting my column written for tomorrow and attending to other duties and devotions (Easter Monday Adoration! Yay!) I thought I’d invite you to leave your prayer requests and intentions in the comments thread. I will print them out and take them with me to Rome, and ask St. Catherine of Siena, St. Philip Neri and others for their prayerful support on your behalves, and then take the whole list with me — in my hands and heart — to the Beatification Mass of Bl. John Paul II.

And of course, seeing all of our needs, let us pray for each other’s concerns.

I, for instance, ask you to pray for my Elder Son, who has a “callback” this week for an entry-level job that he ‘s very excited about, for my younger son who is still sick but seems finally on the mend, for me in my travels, and for my husband who hates to eat alone, and who would have tried to join me on the trip, if only the dog were not so very old…

And you?

UPDATE: I am so moved by the many, many stories of job-seeking, illness, kids away from church. Please know I have all of these requests, and I will also have my iPad w/me, so I will add new ones as they come up!

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  • kathupson

    Please pray for two very troubled young women, Jessica and Laura.

  • kathryn

    Please pray for my sons, that they come back to the Catholic church, and also for employment for them both so that they may support their families.

  • Kaye Fairweather

    Please pray for my children’s spiritual health:
    Laura has married again without an annulment.
    John Del to come into the Catholic Church.
    Jaudon to start attending church again.
    Carrie to come into the Catholic Church.
    God bless you and your entire trip.

  • kathryn

    Please pray that Jake and Adam return to the Catholic church and come to know the will of God for their lives. Please pray that my grandchild Alex will grow to be a true warrior for our Lord Jesus Christ. Also prayers for their material needs.
    Thank you Anchoress for your intercession in bringing all our petitions to our Lord.

  • Chris

    Please pray for my young adult son with learning disabilities and mental health issues.

  • Kathy

    Please pray for my healing after abdominal surgery.


  • Sean

    Dear Elizabeth, thanks for making the offer to bring readers’ prayers to Rome with you. Each time the page is checked, there are more… well over a hundred, and still growing! It makes one appreciate religious, and the Pope in particular, and of course Mary, the saints, and God Himself, who are petitioned with thousands of prayers every minute, and have been since there have been people on the earth!

    When the bloggers conference in Rome was announced, one certainly had the feeling you would be picked, even randomly, so it’s nice to see that prediction borne out. Congratulations, and thanks for all your work. You likely don’t remember it, but last year I wrote you for information about the idea of religious volunteer “internships,” for want of a better word, and you were kind enough to reply with thoughts on the oblates. A friend and I were contemplating this, me in particular with the Benedictines, after we had been to Turin to see the 2010 Shroud exposition. My friend, a recent convert, returned to Italy a few weeks later with an older mentor and apparently something extremely inappropriate happened; though the mentor was not a priest or in anyway affiliated with the Church beyond being a convert himself, my friend dropped Catholicism, Christianity– even the very idea of a personal God– and has disappeared from my own life as well, though I’ve tried to get in touch. It’s doubly sad because she had become a rather mystical person, and seemed much more in tune with her spiritual side than I, a cradle Catholic who sometimes wishes he was a little less cautious. (She had even gotten a special, lengthy extra viewing with the Shroud by a strange happenstance, while I “stood around,” like St Joseph in the old Irish carol.) So, if you might bring a petition for her with you, for healing and reconciliation with Christ– even an initial return to one good confession where she could complain if she so desired– surely it would help. Otherwise, your own intentions, and those of the other readers posting here, are very worthy. It has been a pleasure reading you (for years now) and getting updates on your family, and hearing about your beloved pooch, who is a very special dog! For improved health and job prospects for your boys, of course, and for your own continued development bringing you closer to Jesus– and also, of course: simply have a wonderful time in Rome, and at the beatification! Thanks again.

  • Ellana

    For my friend Jeanne

  • MikeM

    Thanks for offering to pray for all of us, Elizabeth, and thanks for your wonderful blog. I’ve been praying for Buster, and will continue to pray for your family. Please pray for my son Thomas, who has left the faith, and is afraid to let anyone into his heart.

  • Connie A

    Thank you Elizabeth! Please pray that my daughter will come back to the church and that her boyfriend and his family will follow her. For my sons that they may seek God’s will for their lives. For another daughter and her fiance that their upcoming marriage will always be based on God’s love. For another daughter and her boyfriend that their relationship will mature in God’s grace and that he will be safe in his upcoming deployment to the Middle East. For my husband and me that we will always be aware of God’s love for us and seek always to do his will.

  • Carol S.

    God Bless you Elizabeth for giving us this opportunity! I am praying for your sons!I am learning alot about St. Catherine of Siena via Ft. Jacque Daly’s EWTN series on DVD; it is excellent.What a GREAT Saint!! Please pray for the opening of their hearts to GOD for my inlaws, nieces , nephews, husband who are not believers. Please pray that my husband will get a new job in Tampa so we can move their and I can help take care of my parents and help my sister with her four kids. Please pray for me to increase my faith in our dear LORD and remind me to trust him and his plans.
    p.s. Read recently that Madonna is interested in Opus Dei and may be returning to the Church ,listened again to her “Ray of Light” song while working out yesterday and was astonished how much the song reminds me of a “Divine Mercy” Sunday theme song. Don’t really understand all the words so I may be wrong on that, but the feeling of the music goes with the picture of Jesus from St. Faustina. Food for thought.:) Be Safe on your journey!

  • John

    Dear Anchoress, thank you for your generosity. Please offer prayers for my dear friend Denise, who suffered injury over a year ago and has been going about with two displaced discs, untreated, because she devotes her time to caring for her elderly parents. May she know the healing that she makes possible for others.

    Meanwhile I will continue to pray for your sons, and for your cousin Joseph, and that you may be blessed by your time in Rome and return safely to your family.

  • Mary Anne

    Please pray for the safe return of USMC officer Chris T. from North Africa. Also for the return of family members who have fallen away from the church.

    Include a prayer of Thanksgiving for a job found and all the wonderful blessings showered upon me of which I so often take for granted.

    Thanksgiving for the wonderful opportunity the internet provides allowing for gifted and spirit-filled Catholic commentary to enrich our souls everyday.

    Thank you Elizabeth!

  • Louise

    Please pray that I find a job. My husband lost his 3 years ago and I will loose mine on May 6th. Thank God he has the VA for his medical. Also, my daughters need prayers.

    When my CCD class meets again, we will pray the Rosary for your intentions as we do every week for any Parishioner that asks. We’ll remember your sons.

    Thank you for all you do.

    God Bless and have a safe trip

  • Janet Ann

    Please pray for my Joseph who needs healing from grief and is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. And that he would truly grab hold of God’s grace and mercy for himself.

  • Judith L

    Please pray for Hilary, Thomas, James, Nicholas, Andrew and Michael.

  • Tina


    Thank you for doing this! Please pray for the full recovery of Scott (age 51) from Georgia who has melanoma and is undergoing treatment. Pray for Rosita who is being treated for cancer and for her full recovery. Pray for the return of my relatives to the faith. And just a little prayer for me: my memory is failing me and I ask God, if it is his will, to help me remember. I don’t want to forget how to say my prayers.

  • Barb

    Thank you! I have been wondering and wandering and need guidance. I am going back to school (after 30 years!) to get some training in culinary arts. I need to take a placement test and am terrified! The placement tests are for competency in Math and English (don’t even know if those should be capitalized – or is it capitolized!!!). If I don’t pass it’s remedial classes before the actually culinary classes begin. How humiliating. But that’s my flesh speaking. I am longing to have this training/certificate under my belt and know there are hoops I must jump and must let go of/embrace those “humbling” moments. Thank you for praying!
    Also our family is making some housing decisions (move to buy or stay to rent) and need wisdom and money. My trust-factor with God is pretty low, as far as Him caring about such things and me – so that’s a start of the prayer! Sorry to go on and on but it helps me to expand out my heavy sigh!

  • Old Buckeye

    Please pray for children who are in need of their vocations.

  • elmo

    For my vocation, that God may give me an answer, and remove all obstacles to its fulfillment.

  • mjballou

    Please pray that the Diocese of St. Augustine receive a strong bishop who will revitalize our priests, religious, and lay faithful. And that my friends and family members receive the gift of faith.

  • Obi’s Sister

    Dearest Elizabeth,
    First, traveling mercies for you.
    -Clarity for me, as I struggle to decide whether to keep this awful job or try to find another, just as awful job. Also, hope for me and family as the spot I watch turns out to be just a spot and nothing more.
    -Health for my daughter, who recently passed her one year mark seizure-free, but this is the third time we’ve been down this road. She is job seeking as well; nobody wants to hire a freshly-minted french hornist, not even a regional orchestra for a part-time chair, so she continues to hustle over-priced coffee and grumble loudly.
    -Calm and focus for my boy, as he finishes up his finals and puts his freshman year at college to bed. He needs a summer job as well.
    -Patience for all of us as we deal with the after effects of our aging parents, the dreadful economy and the child who sits in the Oval Office.
    -Christ’s Peace for the world and love for all, even those who want to kill us.

    Obi’s Sister

  • Susan

    Please pray for my physical healing. I found out during Holy Week that I have a melanoma behind my retina. It is small and slow growing, but the long term prognosis is scary.

  • Obi’s Sister

    Oh, and one more. Please lift up our fellow blogging pal Fausta Wertz, of Fausta’s Blog for grace and discernment.

  • Sparki

    Praying for you & yours. Please add my intentions:

    That my parents and sisters will return to the Church.
    That my friends Lisa & Randy T. and MaryKate & Josh G. will return to the Church.
    That my niece, Megan J. will receive healing and hope.
    That my husband will get a job with his new degree this summer.
    That my children will grow up to love and serve the Lord in whatever they do.

  • Pam

    Good thing the airlines don’t charge for spiritual baggage! You are carrying a lot. Please pray that I may find an avenue back to the Church. Thank you for your generosity in carrying all the intentions here. God bless you and your family and give you a blessed experience in Rome. Thank you.

  • http://TheAnchoress BLentz

    Please pray for my husband, daughter, son and son-in-law.

    Thank you.

  • LeAnn

    Thank you for taking intentions to Rome. Please beseech St Catherine of Sienna and the other saints to intercede for my husband who has Parsonage-Turner Syndrome (aka Chronic Brachial Plexis Neuropathy). It is severe pain in the depth of the shoulder. We have been to specialists in Des Moines Iowa, the University of Iowa Hospitals, and we are currently waiting for a referral to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN. Pray that they find a cure and a way to alleviate the pain.

    I will pray for you to have safe travels.

    God Bless, LeAnn

  • LeAnn

    I forgot to add that his name is Lance!

  • LeAnn

    One more, please pray for the safety and health of the Red Bulls from the Iowa National Guard serving in Afghanistan. We lost 3 soldiers this week. God rest their souls.

  • Rosemary

    I will pray for your family while you are in Rome praying for your readers’ needs. They are so many.
    Please add my son to your list. He needs healing in all three;soul mind and body.

  • Mimsy

    Please include in your prayers: Jeff-a college boy with brain tumor, Lynn-a friend with breast cancer undergoing horrible chemo, Hadleigh-a 3rd-grader with osteosarcoma, Taylor-a 1st-grader with leukemia, Mel-a high-school freshman recently paralyzed in terrible accident, Kyle-in Iraq, my husband-to make the physical leap into Catholicism, my son-to practice his faith, my College Girl-starting relationship with very nice guy-but-non-Christian-liberal (where was Buster when I needed him?), and (selfishly including)me-to erase bitterness from my heart.
    Thank you, safe travels, and blessings, Elizabeth!

  • Jane Hartman

    Please pray for the health of my family – My mom, my cousins,
    my siblings and for an end to abortion and war. You are such a blessing to me, as I read you everyday. Blessings to you, Elizabeth. Rome is glorious always, but to be there during that time will be….well, I can’t imagine.

  • SKAY

    Thank you so much dear Anchoress-have a wonderful and safe trip.

    Please pray for Michelle, Michael, Morgan, Manning, Marshall,
    Kerri and Adam.

    I have been praying for your Younger son and. I am so glad to know that he is regaining his health. I will now also include you and the rest of your family.

    God bless

  • Beth

    I am so happy for you, Anchoress–and the CresCat too!–happy that you will be going to Rome. What a blessing for us your readers to be able to send along our prayer intentions. Thank you for taking these little crosses with you!

    –Please pray for my friend Kelly–mother of 10; battling cancer.
    –Please add my siblings to your list of those who have left the faith far behind: John, Christian, Peter, and wives Donna and Ellen.
    –Pray for marriages–especially those going through divorce–A & K, J & L
    –Pray for mothers and fathers everywhere–for the GRACE to raise their kids in the faith even when it seems like it’s going nowhere…..

    Thanks again, Anchoress. I gave up internet for Lent and it was so hard not reading your inspiring posts. God Bless you and your family!

  • DBT

    My health, post-c-section (and otherwise… may have something else going on).

    My family…two kids needing jobs/college, husband retiring from military this year with no post-retirement job lined up, and a new baby.

    My sister.. single mom with one on the way… for her health, and better job.

    Facebook/homeschool group friend who annoys me with her atheistic & political postings… for her, and for my reactions to her.

    Father-in-law’s health.

    An assortment of other friends and family who are facing a number of health, financial/job, and spiritual challenges.

    And another for me…. to face things with less anxiety and more hope and faith.

  • rosmerta

    Please pray for my friend Mary, who is going through a very difficult time in her marriage. Thanks, dear Anchoress, and many blessings on your journey!

  • EB


    Please pray for my friend who is expecting a baby in September.

    Also, for a friend and his dying brother.

  • Barbara

    Please pray for my daughter, Darcy, and her friend, Meghan. They are both having emotional problems and their souls are in danger.

    Thank you and God bless.

  • Denise Cooper

    Have a wonderful trip.

    For my two daughters Val and Haley, that they will be safe and make wise choices. That Val will get a good job when she graduates and that haley, who is not good with transitions , will adjust to college without too much trauma.

    And that i won’t worry so much all the time and will trust Jesus more.

  • Anita S

    Bless you, Dear Elizabeth for taking these intentions to Rome with you. I will be praying and thinking of you.

    Please pray for my husband that his voice may return to him.

    For my son to find a woman to love and to love him.

    For my niece and her family to return to the church. For Amanda, my beautiful niece, to overcome anorexia, and financial help for her father.

    Thank you for much, and have a safe and blessed time.

  • Annalisa

    Thank you so very, very much.

    My grandfather Silvano Tombelli, born in Florence, Italy, died on Good Friday. He suffered from internal bleeding of his brain on account of a fall. In his last hours his lungs filled with water. His hands were bruised beyond recognition because he had low blood platelets. Oh! He was a good, good man. A man of his word. A generous man who knew when to work and when to rest. He gave us the best of everything without reserve. I am blessed to be his granddaughter.

    Please petition Our Lady, John Paul II, and all of heaven so that his sins may be burned away and may enter heaven, if he is not already. Please pray for my grandmother. She married him when she was twenty-one. She loved him! She loved him so.

    Thank you.

    God bless you! I will ask Our Lady to protect your travels.


  • Lydia

    Please pray for my husband, Will, and his ongoing job search. It’s been nearly a year. Thank you!

  • Eugene

    Please pray for Tuscaloosa, AL.

  • RE

    For my 14 year old son, suffering terribly from scrupulosity for the last several months, that he be relieved of this burden. Many thanks.

  • Rebecca

    Thank you so much for taking our intentions with you, Elizabeth, and for the opportunity to pray for one another.

    Please pray for some friends that are very ill and their medical teams, the well-being of our men and women in uniform, that I find fulfilling full-time work and for my future husband–that we may model our lives on the Holy Family.

    Leah~That is one of the most beautiful and gutsy prayers I’ve heard. Prayers and love to you.

  • Pamela

    I was an early commenter, and now I have some updates (I know, already!) First, my job situation – yesterday I was informed that I am in the final round of interviews for this position at a Catholic high school that I really like. My observational teaching session is next Thursday, and I have to teach a class in chemistry, which is far from my forte! Yikes! But it’s a good basic subject, at least, so hopefully I won’t be too fish out of water.

    I also mentioned before my friend who has an inoperable terminal brain tumor. He emailed me this morning to inform me that his mother, who has been a vital part of his care since his diagnosis, has fallen ill and has been hospitalized, though she is now in stable condition. She has suffered many health problems over the last few years, however, and her health is increasingly growing frail.

    While praying for her well-being is important, I also want to request prayers that these events in his life might draw him closer to God in his time of need. His email gave me the sense that he’s wanting to reach out but doesn’t know how. Maybe we’re reaching the point in his trials that God wants him to get to – I can only pray that he uses the grace he is receiving, even if he doesn’t know that he is.

    Thanks so much for your prayers, still praying for you and your intentions!

  • Dee

    Dear Anchoress,
    I am here writing as my dear friend told me about you.

    The last few years have been difficult. May I please add the following to your intentions?

    1) Your safe travel.
    2) My mothers health ( please lord allow her to take control of her health and see the gift God gave her )
    3) My friend Mark, that he have the strength to choose life and happiness.
    4) Sean, that this new job be worthy of his skills, that he enjoy it, and he remains safe overseas.
    5) Kellyn, that she remain a happy and healthy baby girl.
    6) Finally for myself, that I am strong enough to confront this disease and live through it. That I am able to work in a manner that allows me to help those at the WWP who so deserve support. Finally, that I know peace in my life.

    Bless those who stand by me, and especially Rebecca for her happiness and loving support from her intended.

    Thank you!
    again safe travels

  • Paul

    Please pray for my premie nephews, Liam and Connor. Little Liam has urinary problems and has undergone surgery and will again. His kidneys are failing and will need prayers.