Patheos Link Roundup

Dear readers, unlike the original, your substitute Anchoress can be such an airhead. It just occurred to me that I’ve been so preoccupied with John Paul’s beatification, and with worrying about what I should write, that I spaced the chance to plug my Patheos buddies’ columns.

Am correcting that oversight toute de suite.

Julie Davis, happiest Catholic in town, reviews some Mesopotamian fanfic — Robert Silverberg’s Gilgamesh the King, written in the Sumerian hero’s own voice.

Deacon Greg Kandra hawks
something no home should be without: a blessing.

Marcia Morrisey, who also made it to Rome, meditates on Susan Vigilante’s Breakfast with the Pope.

Joseph Susanka reviews René Clément’s Jeux Interdits (forbidden games), a rare edifying film depiction of childhood, and of spirituality.

Lisa Mldadnich — by my reckoning, the most lovable human being on the planet — offers tips on “teaching kids to value suffering.”

Pat Gohn reflects on Pope Benedict’s writings on the Resurrection — how it constitutes a transition to an entirely new and wonderful form of life.

In “The Saint from UCLA,” Heather King relates how chatting with a Carmela Soprano look-alikein an oncologist’s waiting room assuaged her fear of cancer.

Dr. Tim Muldoon imagines a culture“built on the logic” of a resurrected Lord.

Dr. Pat McNamara shares the 1876 Easter homily of a young Paulist priest.

Update: Max Lindenman, Anchoress’ little helper, asks and answers the question “John Paul II’s Beatification: What’s in It for Me?”

In honor of Robert Silverberg and Gilgamesh, here’s They Might Be Giants:

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