Urgent prayer request

From reader Karen:

A friend’s little boy, Jadon, was diagnosed with leukemia a few weeks ago. He has had 2 chemo treatments and has come down with an overwhelming infection. He is in the ICU at our local Children’s Hospital. He has had internal bleeding and went into cardiac arrest for 15 minutes before they got him back. He is on a ventilator. He is getting all kinds of antibiotics, his blood cultures have all come back positive for infection. He had to have chest tubes on both sides, and a tube to drain his swollen belly. His heart is racing at 200 beats per minute, his blood pressure is low but has come up a little bit (thank God.) He was making urine but stopped today; the doctors will give him about 24 hours to see if he responds to diuretics and changes in his medicines before they start kidney dialysis. Our church and Catholic school has been getting parishioners and school families together to pray the rosary at church. . .Even when Jadon pulls through this crisis, he’ll still have to battle leukemia. He is in need of prayers and miracles. I ask you, Anchoress, if you would add your voice to those who are praying for this child. If you desire to ask your readers for prayers, I’m sure Jadon’s parents would be appreciative of their prayers as well.

Awful situation. Please keep Jadon and his family in your prayers, especially during this time of crisis.

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  • http://whiterosebrian.deviantart.com Brian A Cook

    May God grant full healing to Jadon.

  • Sister Christine

    Jadon’s great-aunt is a sister in our community. He is a great young man. Thank you for prayers!

  • Mandy P.

    Just prayed for Jadon and his family and will be adding them to my rosary intentions.

  • http://victor-undergo.blogspot.com/ Victor

    It is no secret what God can do, what He’s done for others, He’ll do for Jadon. With arms wide open He’ll carry Jadon and I’m going to also pray that all of God’s Children find the strength to accept God’s decision even if it is not to our liking.

    God’s Will be done and we ask this healing for Jason in The Name of The Father, Son, Holy Spirit and Our Blessed Mother Mary who live and reigns in Heaven as “ONE Blessed Family” for ever and ever.


  • http://www.thecafeallegro.com/randomthoughts RandomThoughts

    Praying here for Jadon, his family, and the medical professionals caring for him. May God guide their hands and give them wisdom in treating this child.

  • Cathym

    Will do. God bless them all.

  • http://www.savkobabe.blogspot.com Gayle Miller

    The parents of this child need our prayers as well. The burden they are carrying is unfathomable.

    God bless and keep Jadon AND his parents!

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Prayers coming his way!

  • Dan Collins

    Hang in there, Jadon.

  • Aimee

    Praying for Jadon and his family.

  • vikrant singh

    jadon , u wil be there in my prayers. get well soon !!!!

  • cynthia

    I am praying for Blessed John Paul’s intercession; he so adored the children. Please let us know how Jadon does.

    [That's a great idea! -admin]

  • jane

    I wept when I read this. There is nothing worse than having a seriously sick child. I nearly lost my 5-month old who, by God’s grace, is now in her mid-twenties.

    I am saying the Novena to the Divine Mercy and will ask St. Faustina’s prayers for Jadon and his family.

  • marie

    God bless always Jadon! Fight it always. We believe in you :)

  • john and amanda orman

    Please pray that the marriage of John and Amanda is protected, healed, and restored. I was a good husband, leading her and washing her in the water of the word, but I was consumed by lust, and therefore, in the last year, became angry, and then violent. She fears that I cannot change, I have been on my knees for 4 months, asking the Lord to change me, and He has. She was confiding in another man. She wanted to get back together three weeks ago, but has severed contact again. Pray that her heart is convicted to be my Godly wife. Please pray that communication is restored, that the Lord prompts her to call me. Please pray that the Lord delays no longer. Please pray that she comes back soon, I am overwhelmed with everything, and I need my helpmeet. And finally, please pray that the Lord stops the evil one from tempting and afflicting us both. I need encouragement here, a lot.