Penn & Teller Burning the Flag

Yes, they’re dastardly, flamboyant flim-flam artists.

Who understand just how free you are, when you get to make an honest living by being such flashy, panache-y culls. I love this.

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  • James

    That would be quite a show to see in person. I don’t always agree with these two, but their shows and commentary will always make you stop and think. Thanks.

  • Eowyn

    Thank you. That was thought provoking.

  • Sharon W

    I have an Uncle who was stuck on an island in Japan for 2 weeks, bullets flying overhead, non-stop. He was 17 at the time and one of few in his unit to return alive. From time-to-time he has been haunted during his sleep by the memory of the dying crying out for their mothers. He came back, married my Aunt, raised 4 men and to this day believes that one of the things he fought for was free speech, including the “right” to burn the American flag. His point of view has always enlarged my own with regard to what can be understood to be the full expression of “freedom”. Thank you Anchoress for linking to this. I intend to send it to my son, a Marine serving in the 5th fleet.

  • James

    It appears that someone else has the same user name as me.

  • shirley elizabeth

    One of the most moving experiences I have had was retiring old and beat up flags, which is also done by burning.

  • twittnot

    It appears that someone else has the same user name as me.

  • Kathy

    I saw them in Las Vegas in January – well worth seeing. Very entertaining.

  • TxTess

    Some 20 yrs. ago I spent over a year stationed in Turkey. I ended my service there and came back to the States to out process. When I landed at DFW, I nearly kissed the ground. They were right about being overseas making you appreciate home.

    We are so blessed to live in the United States because of our Founders foresight and the sacrifices of so many throughout our history. We are also spoiled because of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. We can say and do pretty much anything we want. We can burn the Flag, we can go to church with out fear of arrest, I can drive where ever I want without have government or a male family member’s permission. Even with the economic problems and political confusion of the day, there is no other country I would live in or system of government I would live under.