Urgent Prayer Request for Jadon

Last month, we were asked to keep two little ones in our prayers — Baby Michael David, who suffered distress at birth, and young Jadon, who came down with an life-threatening infection after two bouts of chemo for leukemia treatment.

Michael David is doing well, and has gone home, but the news on Jadon is not as hopeful. From reader Karen:

Jadon’s prognosis is now “grim” according to his granddad. . . Since last I wrote he has been started on dialysis, has had I think 3 sinus surgeries for a fungal infection, has been jaundiced with liver problems, has had an enlarged spleen and colon, has had internal bleeding and was transfused 3 units of blood, has had a tracheotomy, and now has what sounds like a pneumonia and is in septic shock again and is on antibiotics. The status of his leukemia isn’t known, and it can’t be treated at this time. The family has been told the doctors are doing all they can and the prognosis is grim. Prayers much appreciated. It’s astounding that he is still hanging in there – he is a fighter. Thanks again for your prayers, and I will let you know if his condition changes. Still praying for a miracle

July 18 is the feast day for St. Camillus de Lellis (whose friend, mentor and spiritual guide was our dear patron St. Philip Neri), who was a gambler, a soldier, a hospital servant, then a nurse and hospital administrator before becoming a priest and founding the Camillian Order, Clerks Regular Ministers to the Sick. As Camillus is a Universal Patron of the Sick, of nurses and of hospitals, it seems to me we should ask this powerful saint for his intercessory prayers on behalf of little Jadon, and for the hospital staffers who are assisting him. And too, let us ask the prayers of the great St. Philip, who himself founded hospitals and cared for the sick, and Our Lady, who surely knows the distress Jadon’s own mother must be experiencing, to intercede for Jadon, and for all seriously ill children, pleading before the Heavenly Throne along with our humble prayers.

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  • Mandy P.

    My family has added Jadon to our rosary intentions. Please let us know when you get updates on his condition.

  • Sue from Buffalo

    Prayers going up.

  • http://whiterosebrian.deviantart.com Brian A Cook

    I said a little prayer for the healing of your children.

  • Joe C

    Jadon you are on my prayer list. God bless you.

  • fiestamom

    Jadon has 4 kids praying here at the Fiesta house. Plus their mom and dad.