Muldoon's Sex and Christianity

Tim Muldoon has begun a series in his column space, Culture at the Crossroads, on the huge subject of Christianity and Sex:

From Part I:

What I will propose is the idea that authentic discernment of desire means recognizing that not all kinds of freedom are very life-giving. Discernment is the careful sifting of goods from bads: so, for example, it will be important to discern how in the modern/postmodern world women can discover their vocations, while rejecting ideas that make both men and women sexual addicts.

And from Part II:

The task of the good society, the Priestly writers suggest to us, is for men and women to see each other not as competitors, but cooperators: to leverage sexual desire toward reconciliation, in order to inoculate the society against the potential violence that explodes from unrestrained sex.

You’ll want to read these, and keep up with each entry!

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  • Michael Liccione

    This promises to be excellent!

  • Z

    “the potential violence that explodes from unrestrained sex”

    - what violence is this?

  • kenneth

    A stray elbow in the face during a foursome…..!

  • Rudy

    Sex outside its context within the marriage where it should be part of a loving relationship always open to life, is an exercise in violence and dominion, the use of others for selfish pleasure, the objectification of the human and its reduction to a plaything. That is why unrestrained sex degrades to masochism and sadism and ultimately even to bestiality and the use of minors.