Obama Complains a Lot

I’ve always said his instincts were more inclined toward ruling than leading. This is not the first time he’s suggested that a dictatorship might be preferable to a presidency.

But for a guy who campaigned for the job, he sure does complain a lot:

“I’m sympathetic to your view that this would be easier if I could do this entirely on my own. It would mean all these conversations I’ve had over the last three weeks, I could have been spending time with Malia and Sasha instead,” President Obama said at a town hall.

If he’s so damned unhappy, and so resentful of time taken away from his family (golfing, apparently doesn’t count) then I think we should free up his time in 2012 and let him get on with the Post-Presidential Life o’ Perks and Privilege he’s obviously craving.

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  • jen

    Amen, Elizabeth. In this case, I couldn’t be happier to give Obama what he wants. Set him free!!

    What’s up with all the new rigamaroll to post a comment? :)

  • jan

    Oh yea, here we go! I bet any money that this Obama administration costs us more than ALL previous administrations put together. Wanna be dictators cost far too much – in all regards. Woe to the generation that can offer generalizations such as this and it be true.

  • jan

    Opps – omitted a suggested solution to epic problem of deluded runamok dictator in office: Prayer in all forms – particularly more Masses, regular Eucharistic Adoration, rosaries, Chaplets of Divine Mercy, acts of charity and fasting – prayer and stepping into politics as we never have before. The people need leadership, and who better than us who pray and know who our God is? +JMJ+

  • rcareaga

    Be careful what you wish for…

  • teresa2

    2012 can’t come soon enough. He’s just throwing a tantrum because he will miss the links this weekend. He’ll have to work for a change.

  • manny

    Someone ought to right a book. How Not To Be A Leader: Barack Obama. It’s really pathetic that this man has tweedled his thumbs throughout the whole process. He rejected his own Budget Commission recomendations back in December (I think), submitted a budget with a paltry 400B cut over ten years which amounted to less than a percent of a cut and was duly rejected by the Senate 97-0, and has not presented a single plan in this whole negotiations. And then he had the audacity of throwing a tamptrum last Friday on TV. Right now the Republican House is negotiating with itself. That has to stop. Something as big as this cannot be done by one half of the Congress. It requires Presendential leadership. At this point I agree with McConnell. Let’s put this off until 2012 when we get a new president. Obama is an epic failure.

  • greta

    Obama should become the word used by everyone when discussing a total failure..The company failed because someone hired an Obama…

    Manny has it right, Obama budget he has to provide first by law could not get a single democratic vote. He should have been told to stay in his room and get serious about his job. No more golf. No more vacations. I remember the democrats who controlled the house during the full 8 years of Reagan would pronounce his budget DOA before they read it. But every one of them was the basis of what became the budget and every one of them got full support from his party and from many of the democrats who cared about getting elected again. The media should have been asking Barry why his budget did not get a single vote from those in his party. He complains that congress is not doing anything when he is expecting them to do his work for him.

    In addition, has anyone noticed that the weak economy was starting to show signs of some life until ObamaCare passed. The democrats threw 800 billion to stimulate the economy and then voted in ObamaCare with one of the largest tax increases in history on employers and employees. Kind of like going to a fire, unloading the hoses, and filling them up with gas rather than water. No employer who does not have to hire will do so until ObamaCare is resolved. Letting it go another year in the courts was a huge mistake. Employers are waiting and hoping the courts shoot it down in total which will magically start a rally of hiring. If they come back and say ObamaCare is constitutional, we are in for decades of high unemployment which kills tax revenues of the federal and states. Check it out and see when the mini improvements started to go left.

  • manny

    You are quite right Greta that the economy collapsed after Obama and the Democrats shoved Obamacare down our throats. But I would slightly disagree that the Obama stimulous really had a positive effect. Pure spending is not really sitmulative (and I subscribe to supply side economics) unless you can target it to the core of the problem. We had a banking (lending) crises and jobs were lost in the banking industry and administrative positions. What would “shovel ready jobs” accomplish when the problem was with white collar workers? Does anyone think that bankers were going to fill potholes? Obama flushed a trillion dollars down the drain to address the wrong problems. Actually the Frank Dodd legislation, which was supposed to address the banking crises, did more harm to the economy by putting more regulations on an already down sector. Obama and the Democrats have done everything possible (unwittingly – I’m not ascribing malice) to harm this economy. Then add all the environmental regulations and you have an administration that has made a bad situation astronomically worst. These people don’t have a clue.