The Veep Goes Vile UPDATE

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Let it be noted that just about 40 days before America solemnly remembers the deadliest attack ever to take place upon its shores — an attack made by genuine terrorists, killers hiding in plain sight, un-uniformed and “blended” into our society — the American Vice-President (along with some co-politicos) has denounced his well-identified, not-hiding anything, policy-disagreeing opponents and fellow-countrymen as “terrorists”.

Look at that video.

Listen to those screams.

Remember the loss of life, not just in New York, but in Washington DC and in Pennsylvania, and in the Khobar Towers, Nairobi, aboard the USS Cole and elsewhere, for too many years.

And Vice-President Joe Biden, veteran legislator, onetime plagiarist, calls his fellow countrymen — mere political opposites — “terrorists.” His fellow-democrats who are also throwing the word around are miscreants, political opportunists or the most insensitive of idiots.

But Biden is the Veep. He’s supposed to be competent to fill the Office of the President in a moment of crisis. And he is comparing his countrymen to the sort of people we send Navy SEALS to kill.

Is he that vile, or just stupid?

Glenn Reynolds calls him a “sad, pathetic, hateful little man”.

Vile, too. Just vile.

Jonah Goldberg: “Go to Hell, now”: he wonders how the press would have reacted had Dick Cheney called stonewalling Congressional democrats “terrorists.” I’d had the same thought.

Oh, look, a cartoonist who think Navy SEALS should be used against tea partiers Outrage, anyone? Hello, mainstream media?

I’m going to Adoration. Lots to pray about. And yeah, I’ll pray for Biden, too. I can’t believe he went there. I think I’ll pray for all of us.

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  • teresa2

    “Is he that vile, or just stupid?” Actually both. He has a long history of this behavior. I believe he was picked as VP is because he makes Obama impeachment-proof.

  • steve_in_mt

    The worst thing about Biden’s comment is that he minimizes the absolute evil of terrorists by equating them with people who only want fiscal responsibility.

  • backhoe

    Ma’am, I am just a passer-by to your site– I’ve left a comment or two at your old location.

    I’m a member of the Tea Party, and all we want is less spending, smaller government, and a return to the Constitution as it was written.

    The chapter I belong to is mostly women, a few black folks, and a half Dutch, half Red Injun- me…

    My writings are searchable, and I stand by every word I have written- if the Tea Party were racist, sexist, or anti-gay ( to use the favorite slanders of the Left ) I’d have no part of them.

    But they are not- what Slow Joe is doing is preparing the battle space of the upcoming election– making official the demonizing and dehumanizing of Tea Party members.

    So be it.

    I’ll pit my humanity and that of my fellow members against his, any time.

    Bring it on…

  • todd

    A less than impressive line of thought here. Among other things, it’s hard to see what plagiarism has to do with what is essentially gossip (regardless of its truth).

    A lot of people were very unhappy with the politics of this, perhaps Democrats slightly more if they felt they got tagged with Mr Bush’s war debts and tax cuts in the manufacturing of this crisis.

    The name-calling does people little credit here. Mr Biden’s associates, and perhaps the VP himself are angry and frustrated. Ms Scalia is in the same sandbox. The discernment is whether or not this is a time for keeping above the fray and moving forward or nurturing our passions about politics. Which is it today?

  • kelleyb

    I am saddened that elected officials in our nation consider me a terrorist. On one level it may be amusing, but they use hateful and dangerous language to describe people who are truly concerned by the obscene debt and immortal spending the current President and Congressional democrats are engaging. I am tired of the broad brush of hate they continue to use in their discourse to describe people seeking fiscal responsibility. The Vice President attempted to walk back what he said. But he did nothing to stop the rhetoric. when I stand back and look at this, I feel it is a chilling attempt to intimidate citizens from speaking and from gathering to protest our government.

  • kelleyb

    Oops, didn’t mean to leave out the Congressional republicans who have joined in the spending and borrowing.

  • dry_valleys

    You seem not to have noticed that that article by Toby Young (whom I have no time for, btw) shows, seemingly approvingly, a Tea Party picture comparing Obama to Hitler and Lenin. Now that’s what I call offensive, or would if it weren’t so wrong as to just be silly.

    To my mind, Obama is someone who accepts neoliberalism, and thinks its excesses can be mitigated while its basic framework remains intact (a view I disagree with). To call him a socialist is to abuse language, and either shows not knowing what these words mean or not caring in the least.

    Myself I am a European social democrat (not socialist- there’s a difference) of the kind Toby Young hates. I would introduce a more extensive stimulus than Obama, have a redistributive tax system (including, definitely, a “high” top rate of tax, so called even though the currently existing rates are lower than those which existed for half of Reagan and Thatcher’s tenure), and perhaps most of all meaningful restrictions on banks.

    This is essentially the sort of thing that was uncontroversial before the early 1980s (including in Cold War West Germany, which often elected SPD governments which were never remotely tempted by the eastern model), and in fact the neoliberal years have not delivered the prosperity they were supposed to have done so I think my views are perfectly reasonable given the recent economic meltdown which a lot of us seem to have forgotten.

    And it’s quite plain to me that Obama is essentially a trimmer who doesn’t have any time for my views. I honestly have no idea how he is meant to be some form of tyrant.

  • margaret

    Vice President Biden also should not have made the “guns to their heads” remark, what with the brouhaha over Sarah Palin’s bulls-eye targets and the Gifford shootings. I thought they had all had their wrists slapped about the use of over-heated rhetoric.

  • greta

    Great post Anchoress showing the outrage this deserves. However, it is only a fraction of the hate being sent out by the MSM and other democrats since the Noverment election. That election rained on their march to a socialist state and the real believers are mad as hell.

    If a conservative said 10% of what they have been putting out about citizens of this country excercising their constitutional rights, they would have been hung out to dry as they do each time Palin or Bachman or anyone else who is convervative opens their mouth. We had Giffords back to vote for the huge debt increase and it seems that all the mouthing off when she was shot is gone with the liberals.

    But we knew that before it happened.

  • rcareaga

    “I think some of our members may have thought the default issue was a hostage you might take a chance at shooting,” he said. “Most of us didn’t think that. What we did learn is this — it’s a hostage that’s worth ransoming. And it focuses the Congress on something that must be done.”

    —Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, quoted in today’s Washington Post.

    Spoken like a true…er, well, like some category or other of person who, um, takes hostages. What’s that you say? A mere figure of speech? Ah, well, in that case…

    [I never said the GOP weren't idiots -- I thought that whole daily hysteria was obnoxious and false on both sides. But if that idiot is going to "own" it then Biden may as well "own" his words, too. A pox on both their freaking houses, say I -admin]