Get Out Your Handkerchief

Normally Deacon Greg is the one blubbering over these sorts of videos.

As you know, I am tough.

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  • Julia

    WOW Don’t know if she’ll win the contest, but WOW.

  • Justine

    Hope she decides in favor of marriage for herself and her baby and God.

  • Nerina

    Well, Deacon Greg and I are going to have to fight over the tissue box! What a witness to life.

  • Dan Kennedy

    I don’t blubber… I silently trickle

  • Joel DuBois

    I certainly do not care for this kind of singing. The judges are a bunch of emotionally blithering nitwits. The girl YELLED instead of “singing a song.” You silly, stupid, incoherent, considerably illiterate nitwits wouldn’t know a good song if it bit you on the butt. The more noise and yelling, the better you like it. In the last 10 years or more, I have been to so few musical venues that were enjoyable to listen to. Some I have had to leave. Other, I have had to get as close to the exit as I can so that I don’t lose my hearing. E.G., most of the dim witted jerks that sing out our beautiful National Anthem mess it up so horribly that I am ashamed! I’d like to throw the pathetic creatures in jail for a few days. Like so many things, America is losing it’s soul: the loss of virtue, decency, so many women that dress like street walkers and think nothing of it ….. and it shows up in so many songs and the way that they are sung. By the way, “sung” is the “past participle” of “sing.” Do you even know what a past participle is? “It’s like”. “You know what I mean”. “You know what I’m sayin’” Put “at” at the end of sentence without an “object” preceding in the sentence. What am I thinking: most of you don’t even know what “an object of the preposition” is.

    [Yeah....the point wasn't really about her singing, which I found meh. The point was about her story, and that whether or not she's a great singer, she did something great in her life. -admin]

  • Sarah M

    I’ve known several women put in that exact spot, doctors telling them to choose between keeping their babies or treating their cancer. God bless this lady for talking so frankly about her story on TV. She may have inspired someone else in that situation to choose life. Thanks for posting this Ms. Scalia.

  • Dan Krischke

    To Joel DuBois, this story is not about the singing so much as the courage to 1) have a dream, 2) get up on a stage 3) do your best 4) accept the results. Over and above risking her life to save the life of her baby, she did all of the above. Her real triumph was her courage to make the world aware that there is an alternative to aborting the life of a gift from God. Personally, I don’t like singing in general, with pop-type singing at the bottom of the list. I would not even know how to grade her singing ability. She does show the instinct of motherhood that makes all the lullabies ever sung by terrible singer/mothers sound so beautiful and comforting to their babies. Peace and God bless.

  • stephanie

    Joel DuBois…really? Do you think this story is posted so we can critique her actual vocal talent? And grammatical lesson along with your long winded and hate filled comments? You missed the big picture. Maybe if your spirit were less punishing you might enjoy the story and bear with the not so perfect singing style.

  • FoolishMortal

    Wow….@Joel DuBois…you need to come out of your shell and tell us what you’re REALLY thinking. I agree with The Anchoress; her singing was mediocre at best, but she is inspirational.