The Lemonade Stand Consigned to Memory

I am so glad my kids have the memory of conceiving the idea of a lemonade stand, on a hot summer’s day.

I’m glad they hauled out the coolers, and scrubbed them down carefully, taking responsibility for their product. I’m glad they made lemonade and trundled it all down to the curb, and set up a table, and an umbrella, and had a chance to exchange pleasantries with the neighbors while cooling them off and making a very slight profit.

I’m glad they can remember being little entrepreneurs, earning their few meager dollars and then excitedly going to the comic book store to buy what they wanted, with their own money.

I’m really glad they have that memory. But I am sad to think that their own children will not.

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  • Sue from Buffalo

    The adults who were selling lemonade by the capitol were in the wrong. They were vending without a license on public property. Now if there was a video of kids selling lemonade in their driveway with police closing them down then I can understand the outrage and indeed, I know that those kid stands have been unjustly closed.

    This really wasn’t the right video to show because of that.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Yes, I know.

    This current war against kids’ lemonade stands is. . . troubling, to say the least.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    It might not have been the right video—but the Anchoress does have a point.

    In fact, this protest was inspired by the recent spate of kids’ lemonade stand closings.

  • SteveM

    The subtext is the general goon squad mentality that now permeates the para-militarized domestic law enforcement.

    The only reason those harmless “happy dancers” at the Jefferson Memorial didn’t get beat-downs was because of the videographers recording the event.

    The Smart Phone is turning out to be one of the greatest protectors of civil liberties.

  • Greta

    This is only one of many freedoms we have surrendered in the past 50 years. We are slowing being boiled of our liberties and if we do not wake up and get rid of those trying to deliver a socialist nanny state, we will one day wake up completely cooked.

  • bt

    I remember several of us neighborhood kids setting up a stand. Interestingly, one of the neighborhood wild-guy types was one of the few people to by a glass. Maybe that will be his ticket to heaven some day. ;)

  • Lyn

    There’s plenty to lament.

    I never had a lemonade stand. Also never had to pass through a metal detector at school, never had my locker searched by police, never had to carry a clear plastic bookbag, and never had to deal with law enforcement officers or private security guards in my school. Also I never had to take a drug test at school.

    Public school kids aren’t going to learn the value of a dollar through starting their own business. Instead they’ll learn to submit to authority. That’s disgraceful but that’s the truth.

  • tempus fugit

    This is all part of the socialist plan to crush the individual spirit.

    You won’t be able to scratch your backside without a government permit soon.

  • Maureen

    What I don’t understand is why the Capitol Police got so worked up, so quickly. Professionals of law enforcement would know how to get the job done (enforcing the law, keeping the area clear, and making things fair for the real street vendors of DC) without getting upset or making a big show. A professional probably would have found the whole thing amusing and trivial, and probably would have gotten the job done very smoothly.

    But these police — Well, let’s just say I think they’d probably panic if they ever worked retail at Christmas. And that seems to be a growing trend among law enforcement groups — a lot of people are getting hired who really shouldn’t have been, because they are so easily intimidated that they are willing to haul out weapons or assault people for nothing at all. What ever happened to smooth, polite escorts off the property, augmented with nice discreet armholds?

  • SKAY

    The threat of Islamic terrorism–particularly around 9/11–is
    a part of the problem. Washington DC(monuments etc.) and New York are thought to be prime targets.

    Political correctness is also part of the problem. Lemonade protesters are just as dangerous as ——etc. We certainly do not want to offend the actual terrorists.

    Children no longer have many of the little freedoms that most of us enjoyed as children. We are paying the price for taking God and morals out of everything-particularly schools.

    This pro abortion President covers Christian symbols when he speaks at a “Catholic” University. The peaceful pro life protesters on campus were the ones punished of course.

  • don singleton

    They were not doing it to make money. Charging ten cents a glass does not even cover their costs. And I am happy that these older kids did it to protest a wrong being done to younger kids, and that they were willing to be arrested to point out the foolishness of the whole thing.

    And the police were idiots for allowing themselves to be sucked into arresting the kids selling the lemonade for ten cents. They should have bought glasses for other officers.