Branding 3 year-olds as Haters, for Life

I’d guess this is the absurd and disspiriting levels to which unchecked political-correctness and a thought-policing society may descend:

3 Year-olds Branded Racist, Homophobic; Put in Gov’t Database:

Over 30,000 British schoolchildren, some as young as three, have had their names registered on a government database and branded “racist” or “homophobic” for using playground insults, infractions that could impact their future careers.

The shocking figures were disclosed after civil liberties group the Manifesto Club made a Freedom of Information Act request which betrayed the fact that kids who used petty jibes are now being treated as thought criminals by education authorities.

34,000 incidents of “racism” in total were reported for the year 2009-2010, with nursery school toddlers as young as three being put on a state database for using the words “gay” and “lesbian”. One child who called another “broccoli head” was also reported to authorities. Other cases included a child who used the word “gaylord,” while another who told a teacher “this work is gay,” was also added to the thought crime database.

The majority of the reported cases involved primary school children.

“The record can be passed from primaries to secondaries or when a pupil moves between schools,” reports the Daily Mail. “And if schools are asked for a pupil reference by a future employer or a university, the record could be used as the basis for it, meaning the pettiest of incidents has the potential to blight a child for life.”

Emphasis mine.

Do we believe that such mind-numbing over-reacting cannot happen, here?

Between that, our president’s “you must love me” notes and the “Attack Watch” nonsense, perhaps it’s time to watch that Orwell video again:

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  • The Ranter

    Humility is key in our society…humility is the key to defeating Satan. Micah Murphy wrote a piece for me, in explaining that verse in the Anima Christi:

  • Victor

    Anchoress! Don’t even try joking about getting my imaginary spiritual so called godly alien friends started again if you know what I mean?

    “IT” ain’t funny anymore!

    You think Victor? :)


  • Kensington

    I don’t like what you’re implying about Attack Watch, so I’m going to report you to Attack Watch.

  • Todd

    Sure. It *could* happen anywhere. Human beings are sinful, at times conservative and inflexible when it comes to rules and regulations.

    Good sense might suggest it is better to encourage children (and others) to behave positively, to offer compliments, affirmations, and good regards to other people.

  • Terrye

    That is just insane.

  • Richard Johnson

    It is a disturbing report…if accurate. Y’all might want to do a little digging into this “Manifesto Club” and its goals.

    Our first step is to write a manifesto, laying down the ideas that we think should be at the heart of a new politics. We have offered six principles to start:
    We are committed to the pursuit of freedom, free speech and genuine tolerance.

    We support experimentation in all its forms – scientific, social and personal.

    We support the development of the human potential and individual self-determination.

    We uphold a human-centred perspective, which recognises the ability of people to confront the challenges they face through reason and subjectivity.

    We uphold a universalist orientation to the problems facing the world.

    We seek to reclaim the Enlightenment and the legacy of the Enlightenment.”

    Later in that article: “Over the next six months we will also be testing out campaigning ideas, to find the points of tension in everyday life where freedom is at stake. We have started to discuss the possibilities online. Campaign suggestions include: in support of animal experimentation, while supporting animal rights activists’ right to protest; against anti-social behaviour orders, and in support of adults dealing with minor misdemeanours for themselves; for artistic autonomy, and against government interference in the arts; against the Criminal Records Bureau checks on all adults who work with children.”

    For those interested:

    Twitter Feed: //!/manifestoclub

    Facebook: //

    Homepage: //

    The report that sparked the Daily Mail article: //

    Sounds like a staunchly libertarian group with a few anarchist tossed in for good measure.

  • Broccoli head

    This is so gay.

  • kenneth

    Any idiocy is possible when school administrators are involved. We expel kids kids in this country for bringing nail clippers or an aspirin under absurd “zero tolerance” policies. If kids are using racist or homophobic language in a deliberate and vicious way, that shouldn’t be tolerated, but there’s no reason to keep a permanent file on them.

  • Richard Johnson

    Kenneth #8: “Any idiocy is possible when school administrators are involved.”

    Actually, most of the idiocy I’ve seen comes from parents.

    Parents sue school over use of wi-fi in classrooms – //

    Parents sue school when son cuts class and dies in car wreck – //

    Parents sue school over cheerleader nude photo suspension –,2933,461644,00.html

  • Manny

    Unreal. I don’t recognize England any more. Is this the same place that once had Winston Churchill and Margret Thatcher as Prime Ministers?

  • dry valleys

    I agree with Richard Johnson. My assumption is always that if the Daily Mail reports it, and Brendan O’Neill and friends think it, then it didn’t happen/is wrong. I honestly don’t see why Europe, and Britain in particular, is seen as some kind of living nightmare by American conservatives. The tourists flocking here, and the millions of immigrants and would-be immigrants, take a different view.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Tourists don’t have to live in Britain, Valleys; they get to leave, they don’t have to stick around and put up with your school administrators and the advanced nanny state. They’re there to see the sights, not be citizens.

    As for your immigrants, many of whom appear to be Islamists, who hate the U.S. and the West, and push for the jihad—well. . .um, “Least said, soonest mended?”

  • daisy

    England is toast. Let’s just learn from it and do everything we can not to be like them.

  • Doc

    Peter Hitchens’ book, The Abolition of Britain pretty much predicted the anarchy in the streets the UK experienced recently and pointed out that the totalitarian impulses that put children on hate-crime lists began decades ago.

  • Rudy

    I wonder the database the government must have in this country for those qualified as “haters”. Do not assume is not already happening here.

  • Mark the Zealot

    There is more than political correctness at work here. In the UK there is a very strong tendancy to pigeonhole people and from a very early age – it’s a holdover from the British class system where everyone is expected to have a place and stay there. When my daughter was eight years old (in the UK) she was subjected to psychological/intelligence testing and without our permission it was released to school officials and her physician. We were told that we needed to put her another school and should be prepared for alternatives such as institutionalization. When I told them the test meant nothing and to mind their own business I was libelled in a letter from the physician. Since we were afraid that social services would try to snatch her from us, we left that island ten years ago. Next May she will graduate from one of the top high schools in the USA, with AP scores of “5″ in US and world history and a “4″ in literature, and, yes, I do respect those test scores!

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Yes, Rudy, you just know those names are going into some database, somewhere, to follow these kids for life. . .

    This is truly terrifying. (And, yes, “Haters” and “Racists” are probably going into some all-knowing database here, too.)

  • dry valleys
  • Rhinestone Suderman

    That’s an interesting article, Valleys, though I’m not sure how it actually applies to the topic at hand, here.

    It seems to me that there are some worrisome trends in the way technology can monitor people now, and it also seems to me that it’s the more “progressive” souls, not the conservatives, who are reacting like prudish Victorians, in trying to stamp out what they consider “Hate speech.”

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Mark, congratulations on saving your daughter from the Nanny state machine! Sounds like you made the right choice.

  • Greta

    Kennieth and Richard, both of you are wrong. One said school administration, the other said parents..

    The real culprit for most of this idiocy is the department of education and the courts which is often fed by groups like the ACLU.

    However, we are probably at least as far along with big government as anyone, especially after the last three years. Example.

    In the Stimulus plan, doctors are given tens of thousands of dollars to upgrade their software. Why doctors and not other small business operators you ask? Well because the Obama administration made sure that to get the cash, the doctor has to report what the government details as meaningful use. This meaningful use is that they have to send the government information on the patients to be put into a massive government database. The ObamaCare plan is of course planning to use that data to gain greater control over all of us with their death panels at first, but later it could easily be part of a second Obama term to feed into Michelle obesity plan to detail which parents are bringing in obese kids or for any other use it decides. Once this gets in full compliance, you have nothing that can be witheld from the federal government and their growing databases. In addition, this info is being shared in networks and you really have no way of knowing who has access or what it is being used for.

    What if the child overhears a conversation on different issues and repeats them in or out of context in school. An example could be a discussion in our home about Catholic teaching on homosexuality that the homosexual lifestyle is gravely disordered and serious sin, the child might repeat this in school and be branded a horrible homophobic creature. Or another child might hear something like the Catholic Church is the whore of babylon and the kids says this? Are they branded a Catholicphobe and in the same trouble? Or what about a discussion on Islamic beliefs of jihad and sharia law and the child says Islam teaches it is OK to kill infidels and to kill your wife in the school? Are the teachers going to spend all day dealing with each of these things with equal force and are all these children to be branded for life? And are we not free to talk in our homes and are we not free to teach our children about various religions in our home? We are headed in a very negative direction in our country. The right answer in all of these might be to simply say that we do not talk about these things in our schools, which should also mean that the curriculum being taught does not provoke problems such as johnny has two daddies. this again takes us to the federal government getting involved along with the courts in issues which would be better left to the locals to decide how to run their schools with the local parents. What is accepted and normal in NYC is by no means the same as that in Ohio.