CCD Teachers, Get Ready!

After taking a summer break to write a murder mystery, Patheos’ energetic, creative and passionate kids catechist Lisa Mladinich is back on the job, and she’s got a new booklet full of advice and ideas for those CCD teachers preparing to teach the sacraments!

Be sure to check out Lisa’s earlier booklet, which is now also available in Spanish!

Sacramental Preparation is at once a collection of powerful teaching methodologies and an urgent plea for catechists to recognize their dual “calling” within the life of the Church. If God is leading you to teach the Faith, be assured that He is also inviting you to draw nearer to Him. He is calling you to conversion.

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  • Dr. Steve Olson

    Greetings, Elizabeth

    It’s a small thing, but the correct term is “Religious Education” or “Formation.” “CCD” is a term from the past.

    Thanks for your post on the ministry of catechesis. Catechetical Sunday is September 18.

    Steve Olson

  • Gail Finke

    I think someone at the publishing company needs to hire a designer (or more likely art director) who is a liiiiiiiiittle more contemporary. Too many great materials put out by Catholic presses look like they are 30 years old, and not in a good way. Like it or not, design is important to customers.

  • Max Lindenman

    I think the effect is deliberate, Gail — meant to tap nto widespread nostalgia for an simpler, more wholesome age when men were men, and great danes rode around in vans, solving mysteries.