On Retreat, but wait!

As you read this, I am on retreat until Monday, September 26, but do check back, because I have posts scheduled to come up, including one this weekend that may will surprise you.

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  • http://jscafenette.com/ Manny

    “but do check back, because I have posts scheduled to come up”

    Seems like that’s cheating. How can I get my job to work that way? :-P

  • Greta

    Have a great retreat. I am heading out soon to the trappist monestary The Abbey of Gethsemani with a group of women who have all suffered from abortion either themselves or a loved one. We go each year to remember and to pray for all those women who have been permanently impacted by this holocaust and also the millions of children of God who have been killed. The other loser is our America where the culture of death has soiled our nation. There is no way a country can kill 54 million babies and expect good things to come from it.

    I will be waiting for The Anchoress surprise because she never disappoints. Pray for us all on our retreat, and for The Anchoress as well for she does wonderful work with her service to the Church.

  • Prayer Backup

    Backing you up in prayer for your retreat to be effectively what God wants it to be for you.

    And I hope it is refreshing.