Pieta, Signore

When my son Buster was auditioning for music school, his instructor told him to end with “Pieta, Signore” which he sang with great expression; his teacher called it his “razzle dazzle signature piece”. He sang as a baritone and his 17 year-old, immature voice was charming.

But it surely wasn’t this! (H/T Rocco Palmo) Pavarotti in his prime. Sublime.

YouTube Preview Image

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  • Marie (@MbernadetteE)

    I sang Pieta Signore as my HS junior year state contest piece. It’s a fabulous work of art, and singing it is…well, amazing. LOVE this version by Pavarotti. Thanks for sharing :)

  • Francesca

    Viva, Pavarotti!
    And in this month of the Holy Souls, let’s pray for his soul. I sure hope he made it. He was naughty…

    But, will always be the tenor I grew up adoring and against whom I am unable to hold a grudge.

    Nothing says effortless tenor like Pavarotti’s voice. Nothing. Placido is very herculean, and I love him, but he does not have the enchanter’s ease.

    Grazie, Elisabetta!

  • TMK

    A video to watch with your eyes closed … watch your breath as you inhale as Pavarotti swells … magical!!!

  • Mark.

    A friend with perfect pitch cannot enjoy Pavarotti, she says: he hit too many notes just slightly wrong. This is one case in which I’m content to lack her ability…