John Patrick Cardinal Foley, RIP

James Martin has a lovely write-up on the late Cardinal.

Last June, in Pittsburgh, the Catholic Press Association honored him at a lovely dinner which is mentioned about ten minutes into this video. Deacon Greg and I were there. Though clearly dealing with illness, Foley was smart, funny and remarkably humble. It was a privilege to experience a little of his straightforward faith and optimism. He reminded me of another great and humble Cardinal who was a personal hero, the mighty John Joseph O’ Connor.

This is an excellent tribute:

YouTube Preview Image

Rocco Palmo has the pope’s thoughts.

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  • Victor

    I always enjoy looking into the eyes of good men to see what they can tell me and when I looked into his eyes, he seem to say, Victor! I’ve got my eye on you to which I quietly replied, that’s no true cause “IT” is clear to me that both your eyes are fixed on me. Call me crazy but he seemed so alive! Go Figure! :)

    I hear ya! God has already blessed his soul.