Check Mate; King is Dead

I was catching up on my reading and found this graph over at Ace’s place:

It is attached to this story and in particular this line from Ezra Klein: “But so far as liberalism goes, this is a pretty devastating graph.”

Before I’d read a word, my first impression on seeing the graph was simply: “wow, that looks remarkably like checkmate — the outline of a chess king slain.”

I guess it works both ways. Anyone else?

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  • dmwelch02

    Also a reflection of Big Labor’s decline in influence, yes?

  • Pierre

    Course not only liberals should be upset by that graph but the conservatives who helped destroy our economy by having their own special interests that needed to be fed by the sweat of the brow of those of us who actually work for a living.

    A pox on both of their houses…

  • Greta

    Pierre, if big government is the problem in peoples eyes, then this will reflect very poorly on the Democratic Party because they are the ones who have believed the solution to every problem in the world is larger government for over 5 decades or longer. Their current leader, Obama, believes that nothing should fall outside the power of the federal government. The long held dream of the Democrats of taking over healthcare so as to have real power over the people has become the bridge to far in their liberal socialist agenda.

  • Oregon Catholic

    There would be no such thing as Obamacare if the conservatives didn’t support Big Insurance and prevented people from having access to affordable insurance pools not tied to employment. Pierre is right – a pox on both of their houses.

  • Teresa

    A pox on both their houses indeed. In their haste to get out of town for another vacation Congress passed a one trillion dollar spending bill. I haven never been as pessimistic about this country as I am now.

  • Manny

    That graph is music to my ears. In fact it looks like a Beethoven symphony!

  • Steve Colby

    Isaiah 9:6 “.. and the government shall be upon his shoulders.”
    I fear we may be pushing our Lord’s carrying capacity to the limit.