All the Squares Go Home!

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  • Scott

    Hmm… least expected this on your blog- something must have gotten into you. I’ve always loved the Family Stone’s music. Youthful exuberance! I remember Sly’s line to the crowd at Woodstock: throw the peace sign into the air- it’ll do you no harm! Silly fun. Too bad about him; hope he can come back. Like many an artist, he started out in a “devout Christian home.”

  • Peter in Mpls.

    That bass is BAD!

  • Fran Rossi Szpylczyn

    Can you hear me smiling?

  • jkm

    I looked at the title, immediately sang it, and wondered . . . Elizabeth? Yes! I am now picturing your lovely medieval avatar wailing on tambourine. Big grin.