An Exclusive Look at a new Word on Fire Project!

Do you remember how I sang the praises of (and gave near-constant recommendations for) Father Robert Barron’s book, Catholicism; A Journey to the Heart of the Faith, and his Catholicism Series?

Do you remember how much you loved the book, and then the DVD series, which was so beautifully shot and so richly informative that PBS eventually picked it up?

Do you remember how much you wished the project would keep going, because it fed the faith intelligently and brightly, but in an accessible and easygoing fashion?

Do you remember how, once you’d seen and/or read Catholicism, you thought to yourself, well, now what? What am I to do about what I have seen and heard? How do I bring this exciting, active sense of faith to others, without seeming like a lunatic, or somehow getting it wrong and repelling, rather than attracting?

Well, I am happy to tell you that Father Barron is still on the job, still traveling and meeting and showing and teaching us, and for 2013 — perfectly suited to the Year of Faith — he is going to help answer that question with Catholicism: The New Evangelization.

The New Evangelization continues the story of Fr. Barron’s award-winning series, exploring the Church’s mission and the challenges of contemporary culture. In it, Fr. Barron travels around the world to document how an encounter with Christ has inspired new ardor, new methods and new expressions of the Gospel message. He is going to help us learn how to spread the Good News of Christ in a world that hungers and thirsts for something, but knows not what.

As Father Steve Grunow, of Word on Fire Ministries put it to me recently,

“Cultural relativism has promised an opening to a broad thoroughfare of progress, but has proved itself to be nothing more than a dead end. The culture is running into a wall, and the Church offers the alternative route and destination — one that avoids the dead end and opens us up to possibilities that give rise, in this world, to signs of a Kingdom come.”

So, in this sense, “Catholicism: New Evangelization” is like both a signpost and a map. Grunow believes Father Barron’s new documentary “can take us all in the direction that we need to go…” in order to avoid the nothingness of cultural relativism.

How can you find out more about this new, timely undertaking, that is for all of us? Just head over to landing page of the Catholic Channel at Patheos, for an exclusive first look at the very first preview for Catholicism: The New Evangelization.

And, keep your eyes peeled…there is a lot more to come!

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  • Scott

    The Catholicism series was pretty good. I have my differences with his promotion of communists in the Church at the Catholic Worker and his promotion of Buddhist-Catholics and his promotion of pacifists. But I understand that Fr. Barron had to include those groups in his program in order to try to unite us.
    I just want to caution that we should be careful to not elevate any priest to cult status. We have seen how disappointing this is all too often. Fr. Barron is a good priest. Let’s not get too carried away with a personality at the expense of giving all of our love to Jesus Christ.

    [Thank you, Scott. No one who has ever read me has feared me elevating priests -- or any Catholic media/alt-media folk -- to the status of idols. In fact, that is an issue I am particularly sensitive to, as I have a book coming out about it in May. -admin]

  • Susanne

    Do you know when this will be released? I’m looking for ideas for 6-week Lenten small faith group, and this looks wonderful.

    [After Lent, sadly. But if your book club is women, you might like this. It's extraordinary. -admin]

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  • Irenaeus of New York


    I am sure Fr Barron would not mind your prayers. You hit on some of my own concerns. The last several years would cause anyone to worry after seeing so many good priests who are faced with fame, falter.

  • JoFro

    Pray for Father Barron! Pray hard for him! We have all seen what happens eventually to priests like him, so pray really hard! I really don’t what a sex scandal hitting this priest or him going the way of Mr Corapi – pray hard!

  • Susan

    to JoFro… thoughts exactly. Fr Barron will be in my prayers daily. Stand strong Fr Barron we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and souls!