As I Watch Images of Cold Marchers…

I am enjoying wonderfully warm tootsies, thanks to this surprise gift from my hubby.

I love it, and I don’t feel guilty at all. I join the Holy Father in saying Boorah, you pro-life marchers! It’s been over a decade since I’ve joined you in person, but every time I notice how warm my feet are, I will whisper up a prayer for your intentions. Might be a-lots of prayers!

Go here for hot chocolate!

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  • Subsistent

    Until right now, I wasn’t sure the word “tootsie” for “foot” wasn’t just one of my mother’s baby-talk coinages. Heh.

  • zmama

    I was feeling bad I couldn’t make the march this year but then when I had to pick up my daughter from school this morning with a 2nd bout of the stomach bug in less than 2 weeks I knew I was not supposed to go. Thank goodness I was home today. We ended up watching part of the march on EWTN when she felt good enough this afternoon to sit up. Now we are watching the snow come down and watching an HGTV show about Hawaii.

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  • pianogirl88

    I saw a beautiful tag hanging in a car window today ~ it was a take-off on the “baby on board” signs that you see sometimes. This one simply said, “former fetus on board”.

  • Peggy m

    I had business in Washington and can report that the Metro stations were full of pro-life Marchers. lots of teenagers, college students, nuns and priests ( most with identifying garb and/or signs) I wished I could have gotten there in time to join them. I looked at the online Washington Post in the early afternoon and there was no news about the march. I just looked again, and the article reports that there were marches by both sides of the abortion issue. The accompanying photo showed the pro-abortion demonstrators. I ask you….

  • Matt Cassens

    Speaking of feet,…. Last year one of Bishop Rhoades’ Franciscans showed up to the March For Life in his bare feet. So this year I wore sandals with socks out of respect.

    My coverage of the March is here —->