Is faith a carousel or a roller coaster, for you?

Time is flying. People will soon be getting their March/April issue of The Catholic Answer, and in it you’ll find a column that might inspire the question in you: Vice or Victory? Carousel or Roller Coaster?

Here was a woman swinging between excesses and defects of pride with pit stops at vanity, gluttony and sloth; here was someone excessive over “work” gifts and defective in appreciation of familial ones; a person deciding that while God and family may offer forgiveness, she knew better and must deny it to herself; here was the pride of someone so caught up in flesh and matter, so dizzy from her extreme swoops and swerves into viciousness that she presumed to know the mind of God and the measure of His grace. Oh, pray for that lady!

You’ll have to read it to find out who I am talking about!

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