Should I Live-Blog or Tweet the Papal Inauguration? UPDATED

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After what seems to have been endless days of chill and rain, (bless the Lord!) it is a gloriously clear day, in Rome. The air is fresh and sweet. The weather is smiling. Not a breeze blowing and as the mists burn off, the sky is sapphire-blue. Just lovely.

Tu Es Petrus! Here is a “libretto” (with English translations) to follow along. It’s a BIG pdf!

For the Vatican’s useful guide to how the day will break down, go here.

For John Paul II’s Beatification, I sat, as you see, on the loggia, and was unable to write much live.

This time I am in Rome but indoors. Having trouble deciding whether I should live-blog the event or tweet it (@TheAnchoress). Live-blogging has kind of become passé, and Twitter is more interactive and faster, so I can pay more attention to what’s going on. But live-blogging is easier to refer back to. What would you guys prefer?

Also, scholar Fr. Elias gives some fresh perspective on the viewing world for this installation and also has some good advice: “better to participate in and observe this as a believer rather than a detective.” Yes.

UPDATE: Okay, I’ve decided. Choppers overhead. Since I’m working on an iPad, which is pain-in-the-necky for blogging, sometimes, and I’m neurotic about my bolds and italics, I’ll do better — and observe more — if I Tweet. My handle again: @TheAnchoress

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  • nancyo

    I say “tweet” but then again, I might not be awake to read… It’s fun to follow a hashtag on twitter and get all the voices at once.

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  • Suzi

    Tweet I say. Considering staying awake at this point, on the west coast.

  • kansaswheat

    Elizabeth, why don’t you pray the Mass and give us your thoughts later? You’ve been a calming influence in what is an unsettling time. Let all share this Mass.

  • EBL

    Don’t feel compelled to live blog the whole thing (you lose the benefit of being there being a stenographer) but feel free to tweet or post something when appropriate.

  • Adam

    Oh, nuts…I see you’ve already decided. I was going to recommend blogging. A blog is akin to a a journal, something you could republish later in a book or series of articles. My impression is that all tweets are fleeting, and this is an event for the ages.

    Oh well…have fun!

  • Manny

    I don’t twit or tweet or toot or whatever it’s called. ;)

  • Hantchu
  • Kraft

    It’s after the fact, but I say liveblog. With the right tools, it can be just as easy as Twitter. The downside of livetweeting is that you could hit Twitter’s limited, which will lock you out from posting for a certain time and you “blow up” the timelines of your followers.

    Livetweeting, to me, is like standing in front of your friends and yelling into a megaphone—whether or not they want to read it, they are stuck with it.

    Liveblogging—and occasionally tweeting a link to the liveblog in process—is an invitation to friends to join you. My two cents.

  • Carol

    Why were so many women (dignitaries and royals) wearing long black chapel veils? Even Vice President Biden’s sister wore one.