Starting in Prayer in the Triduum: A Request

If you’re out of practice — not sure what to pray about during this Triduum — perhaps start with prayers for another. And let the Holy Spirit lead you from there.

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  • Joseph

    I clicked the link, but got a page with an error message.

  • benning

    Anchoress, I usually start my prayers asking for healing for friends and family. My ‘wants’ come way down the list. ;)

    Joyous, Happy Easter, Ma’am! :D

    PS: Have you seen this:

    Whaddya think?

  • Gayle Miller

    My first prayers are for my friends and family – which include people like you, dear Anchoress, those who inspire me to be a better person daily!

  • Zmama

    I’m going to ask for prayers for myself this time-to find a job. I am trying to get back into teaching and although I would love to get back into the Catholic schools it is very difficult here in our archdiocese where we went through so many closures and mergers in the past year. So please pray for the many of us who are not even counted among the unemployed but still hope for the right job. A blessed Easter to you Anchoress, your family, and all of the wonderful readers here.