Housekeeping Note!

In order to improve site function, load times and stability, Patheos is going to be moving all of its blogs comments sections into Disqus. For a couple of days you may see older comments disappear while newer ones remain, or vice versa. It does not mean that suddenly all of our bloggers have decided “no comments for you!” It just means we’re doing this, and with over 250 blogs to service, comments sections will be weird for a few days. Figure 72 hours.

Please adjust your expectations accordingly. Thank you.

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  • Manny

    I do hope they get rid of those really annoying popups. Just a wish.

  • Dale

    Manny, I don’t ever see pop-ups on this site. Are you using a browser add-on to block ads? I use AdBlock Plus, and it works great!

  • ahem

    Disqus suqs.

  • benning

    But … but …. no! I don’t WANNA adjust my expectations accordingly! No! :P

    Should I call a press conference? Hire a lawyer? I … wait! I’m not a Progressive, right? *whew* Sheesh!

    Okay, Anchoress, I’ll adjust my expectations accordingly. *whine*

    Had to whine a little bit. :D

  • Win Nelson

    Thank you. And I love the picture. :)