Pray for Boston Victims, First Responders

Deacon Greg has the awful video.

After a while, the cable channels and the twitter feeds descend into something like uninformed crisis porn, and tempts us to say stupid things. I’m turning everything off and heading to Vespers. Let us pray for the dead, the injured, the traumatized and all first responders. Time enough for speculation and all the rest of it, late. God help us.

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  • RugbyIke

    Thank you for putting a name to the brainless behavior we often succumb to during tragedies of this magnitude. Crisis porn is exactly the right word for it! I will be joining you in prayers for the afflicted and those attending to them.

  • Stefanie

    Rosary after rosary today — Yes.
    Trying not to sin by anger at atrocities.
    This feels like we’re still in Lent, not Easter.

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  • Roz Smith

    I am saying a special prayer of thanksgiving for a small bit of luck. The medical tent for runners suffering from exhaustion, dehydration and hypothermia was only 50 feet past the finish line. There is an amazing story at by a physician about how they all had to became a trauma unit for an hour until the ambulances got everyone evacuated. They had on hand pulse oximeters, blood pressure monitors, defibrillators, EKGs, tourniquets and lots and lots of IV fluid.

  • Manny

    I’ve been avoiding the details myself. I’m not sure I really want to know. And porn is a perfect analogy for the media blitzkrieg. My prayers for all involved.

  • Gayle Miller

    Lucid and, may I say, sensible as always! Reasons we love you and of course, will follow you excellent example and pray for those so grievously harmed by a lunatic!

  • Victor

    (((After a while, the cable channels and the twitter feeds descend into something like uninformed crisis porn, and tempts us to say stupid things.)))

    Anchoresss! I’m only up now and in state to write something stupid simply because I had a nightmare and go figure I just accidently woke up my wife while on this computor because we’ve had to move our bed into our spare room. The good news is that the hardwood floor has been finished being layed and longer story short, my wife and i just luv that hardwood floor in our bedroom and if everything goes well, we should both be back in there in time to celebrate my birthday tomorrow. Hey! We did it and I’ve only got a few bobo’s to show for “IT”.

    I hear YA! I’m sure that you luv that beautiful hardwood floor but by the way Victor didn’t you say that you had a nightmare last night to tell us about?

    Thanks Anchoress! I dreamed about my mother and my brothers and GOD bless their souls. Anyway “IT” really was a nightmare and what I recall about “IT” is that i am so UP SET with my brother and while my older brother is getting on his motor cycle all dressed in black and i’m heard yelling in French to my brother while mom is crying and saying no, no, no but “I” was so angry and kept repeating while yelling at him in French, Je le tue maman, je le tue, je le tue which means in English, Mom if you don’t stop him, I’m going to kill him and in the end of my dream, I just kept repeating those words but just like the old days, my older brother just looked right through me and his eyes seem to be saying, Victor “I” can’t take anymore of this and I’m going to do what “I” must.

    I didn’t wake up in a sweat but i didn’t feel very good so i convinced myself that I would go and check my blood sugar but if truth be known, I just wanted to go downstairs and listen to the news about you know. My sugar was only at 6 which was great and as I listen to three men talking about the evil act, one of them made a comment that just shocked me which went something like, Boston got their Christmas and like you said, maybe we should all pray instead cause most of U >S (usual sinners) are still in shock.

    I’ll close by saying that my wife and I must go to a funeral tomorrow and leave “IT” at that for now.

    God Bless


  • Bill M.

    I agree with your characterization of ‘crisis porn’, and it’s one reason I don’t have a TV. But I can’t help fixating on certain images I saw online, especially as I pray for the victims. Foremost is the one of the ashen-faced man in the wheelchair whose horrific injuries are (usually) cropped out. I want badly to know he’s all right.