Too much earthly dross? Here’s your Palate Cleanser

Yeah, I’m not even going to excerpt it. Just do yourself a favor and read this.

Austen Ruse did a series about three young Catholics who gave cheerful and heroic Christian witness during their short lives: Brendan Kelly, seen above, Audrey Stevenson and Margaret Leo.

Each story is humbling; each one makes you grateful, and makes you want to…do better in your own life of faith.

He rounds it out, here.

Do yourself a favor, this weekend, read and share these remarkable stories. You’ll be glad.

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  • Wraith

    Thank you, Ma’am. That series should give a lot of folks some things to think about.
    Including me.

  • Manny

    Oh my. Reading those stories was like a clothspin pinching on my heart. This headache I have right now is just so trivial. I’m ashamed with myself for complaining.

  • kmk1916