Captain Kirk will do until Hitler’s Bunker Shows Up

This is hilarious!

YouTube Preview Image

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  • Dr.C

    It is good to start the week with a smile. Thanks. :-D

  • darthlevin

    This kind of music isn’t on the channels I usually listen to, so it surprised me when that song sounded familiar. Then I thought, “Oh yeah! Marvin Gaye, ‘Got To Give It Up!’ “. I guess the principle of “steal from the best” still applies.

  • Cooper

    So funny…my husband forwarded it to our kids and ALL his golf buddies.

  • MeanLizzie

    You have a good ear; it’s quite the rip-off of Gaye’s tune.

  • NCMountainGirl

    Funny and effective.

  • David

    Poor Captain Kirk and crew. They’re mightily perplexed. :)
    Can you imagine the fit of rage Hitler will fly into when he sees Miley’s “performance”.