Jii! Jii! Jii! A lovable cigarette lighter!

I’m done writing about what’s going on in the world, anymore. I can’t do anything about it but pray, and my email is backed-up into an awful place, so while I go do combat with it, here a commercial that is delightfully all wrong, and kind of charming and just full of “screw it all, let’s distract ourselves.”

I have to think Joseph Susanka will love this. It’s one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen. It seems…really drug-fueled.

YouTube Preview Image

Reminds me of Mr. Sparkle.

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  • http://www.thedonovan.com/the_farm bethdonovan

    Thanks, Elizabeth, I needed that silliness!

  • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/summathissummathat Joseph Susanka

    This fills me with wonderment and confusion. (Also, I’m mildly curious as to why “Susanka will love this” and “drug-fueled” are so close together. That’s not quite the image I thought I was conveying.)

  • Dale

    Why don’t we have commercials like that in the US? It almost makes me want to move to Japan.

  • Sean

    We have a subtitled version up here if anybody would like to watch – and you’re right, it screams Mr. Sparkle to us too!


  • Neil Leslie

    So one end is a flash drive with a USB port and the other end is a cigarette lighter? Hope nobody gets them confused. :)

  • jaimjackson

    I put it on my Facebook page and my Marine son was on it in minutes: “Mom?”

  • Sarah Pierzchala

    Yes, this does seem to put the world’s problems into perspective.

  • David

    Fun video.

    BTW, if you’re wondering how Hitler in his bunker has reacted to Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance, there are two versions:


  • http://ashesfromburntroses.blogspot.com/ Manny

    Very silly…lol. “I’m done writing about what’s going on in the world, anymore. I can’t do anything about it but pray…” You know a few of your posts back you were complaining that people were far more interested in Miley Cyrus twerking than the war and the events leading to it. I’ve thought about this for a while, not just with this issue. It probably makes more sense to be one of those people oblivious to world events given that we have so little influence over the events. Of course praying is far more worthy than twerking, but I guess that might be in the eye of the beholder.

  • Suburbanbanshee

    Neil Leslie — No, the USB port powers the power supply, and the internal power supply produces the heat for the lighter. It’s an electrical lighter like the cigarette lighter in a car.

    Anchoress — Japanese commercials are often pretty crazy! They will do pretty much anything to get you to watch. Check out any of the Giga Pudding commercials, for example!

  • Patti Day

    It almost makes me want to take up smoking!

  • Scott Hebert

    It’s the difference between American and Japanese aesthetics. I could write an entire column on the subject. :)

  • Scott Hebert

    Don’t tell me that Firewire is making a comeback!

  • TMJC

    Did anyone else get threatened by Jii to watch the video again or he would burn your house down? I swear he did, right at the end. A message came up!

  • Victor

    (((Very silly…lol. “I’m done writing about what’s going on in the world, anymore. I can’t do anything about it but pray…” )))
    So true Manny and please pray for silly sinner vic that he learns the truth of that statement also! :)