Worst. Poli-theatrics. Ever.

If the spectacularly hapless political theatrical we’ve been enduring for the last two weeks were on Broadway we’d be throwing rotten veggies at the whole boiling of them — especially Obama-the-Present, Egregious Harry Reid, WeepyBear Boehner, The Pelosi, The Joe, and Beige McConnell — and demanding refunds.

Worst. Casting. Ever. When the final curtain rings down on these fakers, not a single one will have covered themselves with glory, although a few performances will get reliable raves from reliable reviewers. The rest of us will impotently grumble that we’ve been ripped off and with predictable cheap drama and boilerplate.

Forget Broadway. I feel like we’ve just spent two weeks watching the cartoon shorts and coming attractions, and now the feature presentation is about to begin. A lot of work has gone into this monster, so sit back and enjoy: Default, the Movie.

You’d better like it, because the sequel is already in production. And I’m sure some people are already lining up for previews.

Others may very well be lining up at the banks.

We deserve better than this perpetual game of chicken.

And please. Don’t argue for your “side.” There is no side. There is the political class and then there are the rest of us proles.


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